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    Need to make a FOIA request, Anyone got a template or guidelines available?

    I was the subject of a multiple LEO traffic stop this weekend, The stop was originated by a LEO who has perpetrated multiple unwarranted stops against me in the last 10-12 months, and this latest stop took place in a jurisdiction other than his own by requesting the help of other multiple other...
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    anyone else keep getting a virus from the forum?

    I am seeing "Windows 7 Antispyware 2012" it was a real SOB to kill and remove, so be careful. The first thing it does is shuts down Microsoft security essentials, it starts is a prompt to update a java program, SO DO NOT UPDATE JAVA, you're allowing the virus by doing that. PM me if you need...
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    Does your senator support SB93? List names here so we know who deserves thanks

    If your senator does not support SB93, please list their contact information so we can remind them that they are supposed to be representing us, not their own beliefs. Senator Jim Holperin (D) Supports SB93, please send him a letter to thank him. Maybe this is a last ditch effort on his part to...
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    Holperin has a challenger,!

    Kim Simac! her name might sound familiar because she has organized several TEA party events in Northern WI. Please look for her on Facebook, like her page and do what you can do to support her. She is backing true Constitutional-Carry, No (stinking) Permits, No Mandated Training, Etc. Scroll...
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    More idiocy by the WAVE ghouls

    The WAVE people are all tweaked out of shape because as of 12/15/2010, passengers on Amtrak can legally travel with firearms in their checked baggage, The exact same way firearms are currently, and have always been transported on commercial airline flights. I thought WAVE and it's supporters...
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    Why would you "Need" a gun in Minocqua?

    imported post http://www.waow.com/Global/story.asp?S=12675076[/b] [/b] MINOCQUA (WAOW) --[/b] Police investigate a death in a quiet Minocqua neighborhood. They're releasing very few details at this time, but do confirm they found a body inside a home and they're investigating the death...
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    So many people know so little about our 2A rights

    imported post As I was working outside yesterday (armed of course) I see a beat-up ford explorer pull into our parking area for our storage business. It did not look familiar as one of our renters cars. So after a few minutes I walk over to the other side of the building, and here is the car...
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    What the heck? Illinois members need to get on the ball here

    imported post I find it very sad that A guy that lives in Northern WI with no connections to IL is the first to post notice ofthis meeting based in Illinois in the Illinois thread! http://www.nwherald.com/articles/201...gyuw/index.xml Gun laws could get new look By DIANA SROKA -...
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    Oak park IL police hand out crime prevention devices for free

    imported post Is it only coincidence that the words "Idiot" and "Illinois" both start with the same letter? Maybe one of the members of that towns governement thought London presented a novel idea by their police only carrying whistles instead of firearms. So what happens next, will the...
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    Waukesha district attorney Paul Bucher calls for Flynn to resign,

    imported post article is here http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34042090/ns/local_news-milwaukee_wi/ Bucher says he has evidence that the affair between his wife and Chief Flynn has continued. He says he called the Chief to confront him. "He was somewhat taken aback. I asked him if he thought having...
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    I guess we already won the fight for unlicensed CCW in WI Hooray!

    imported post I found the following article in the "news and Political alerts" section on OCDO, I had to go look at the brady site to make sure this was copied correctly due to my disbelief of how wrong this group is POSITION: The Brady Campaign opposes state laws or a national law pushed by...
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    So, how did you guys get unrestricted carry

    imported post I am living in the land of beer farts and cow pies, AKA Wisconsin. We are one of the last 2 states that has absolutely no provision for concealed carry, we do have Open-Carry available, but it has taken a few arrests and rights violation lawsuits to get it recognized as legal...
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    A blast from the past, We have come a long way in 14 years

    imported post March 15, 1995 Madison Mayors of the state's two biggest cities and Atty. Gen. James E. Doyle joined national anti-gun activist James Brady Tuesday to denounce two legislative proposals they say would dangerously weaken Wisconsin gun laws. "We'd have more cops in Wisconsin...
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    Doyle not running for re-election? Is he quitting??

    imported post http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0809/26145.html Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has told associates he will announce this week that he won’t seek a third term in 2010, POLITICO has learned. By deciding against a run, Doyle, (an anti-2Adouche-bag) sets off what could be one of...
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    S. Hernandez, pro-2A reporter no longer in Minocqua

    imported post I tried to contact her today and I was informed she is no longer associated with the "Lakeland Times" newspaper located in Minocqua WI. For those of you that have notmet miss Hernandez or read any of her articles, she is very pro-2A, she was the reporter with "Milwaukee Magazine"...
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    Anyone want to meet in Madison on 8-15 or 8-16

    imported post After all the forward momentum we have both seen and help implement that tookplace in this state, Brad & Jesus getting arrested, and all the city officials that have gone ballistic with JB's memo, all the police departments using internal memo's basically stating "O-C is a legal...
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    "Handguns should be strapped to your hip! Not concealed"

    imported post :(Sorry, wrong thread! Could a mod please delete this topic
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    Northern Wisconsin O-C picnic in the planning stages

    imported post During a very uneventful O-C walk through downtown Minocqua, SHernandez, JHandrick, Myself, and 2 other very notable local citizens discussed the possibility and logistics of a large summertime O-C event in Minocqua Wisconsin at Torpy Park. The lakeland Times newspaper, it's...
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    Problems finding suitable holster for my open-carry pistol

    imported post This pistol comes in a beautiful heavy duty case that is suitable to carry sensitive electronic equipment in it safely, it comes with a molded clip-on magazine carrier for 2 magazinesthat iscustom fitted for that model. It also comes with a molded plastic paddle holster. (or some...