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    GSG-5 feed problem

    imported post Not sure how many GSG-5 owners there are here, but the question is fairly general anyway. About every other mag, my GSG has a failure to feed. This isn't a slight, bullet crooked in the chamber FTF either. It results in theround missing the chamber entirely and the bulletgetting...
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    New member intro

    imported post Just figured I'd say hello to everyone before I actually started posting.I'm new to open carry and guns, so I'm hoping to learn a lot here. :)
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    How many rounds in a "brick" of ammo?

    imported post As suggested, simple poll. When you say a "brick," how many rounds are you refering to?
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    Unreal... tell me we don't have a few of these guys...

    imported post This is older than the internet, but I'm sure many people haven't seen it. About 3/4 of the way through things get so over the top it's obvious that specops (if not gecko)is joking, but the whole "you can never be too prepared" thing and general tacticoolishness reminded me of...
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    First OC experience

    imported post Yes, I do, when appropriate. Today I was hiking. That's an appropriate time for open carry in the Kalifornia of the East Coast. Anywho... I was surprised at how uneventful it was. Only one person even said anything. This middle-aged guy and his two young sons came up behind us...
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    CCSU and UCONN empty holster day?

    imported post My gf said she saw an article in the Courant about students at CCSU and UCONN doing an empty holster day or possibly week starting this Monday. I'm kind of surprised nothing has been posted here. Has anyone heard about this?
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    Slugs for rifled barrels... oops

    imported post So I just got home with the packs of slugs I bought, and as I'm putting them away I notice the tiny fine print down the bottom "for rifled barrels only."Great. :quirky Are they safe to fire from asmooth barrel, just less accurate that way, or are they completely unsafe tofire...
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    Carrying at tax day tea party, legal or no?

    imported post Like most convoluted firearms laws, I can never get this one right. I know it's illegal to carry to federals buildings, but what about outside state buildings? The protest is supposed to be on the "steps" of capitol building in Hartford. Would it be legal to carry there? Don't...
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    Adding more fuel to the fire

    imported post http://www.mikenew.com/q46.html By William Norman Grigg Reproduced from Pro Libertate blog. Policing the world, from the outside in: A US soldier deployed under UN command in Bosnia frisks a civilian at a weapons confiscation checkpoint. Military personnel are now...
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    Because it could be weeks before this gets answered...

    imported post http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum29/22924.html
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    Anyone have more information on the west springfield gun show?

    imported post http://www.gunshows-usa.com/massachusetts.htm There's supposed to be one at the Big E fairgrounds this weekend. Is anyone going? Is it worth going to? What's the entry fee?
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    Obama for sale

    imported post Well, it's official. I took this picture just tonight. Obama has been put up for sale. Hurry while the offer lasts. If one of us buys him now, maybe, just maybe, we can get him on our side.
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    Some SKS questions...

    imported post So I finally found an SKS that was both nice and cheap. I think it'll make a good SHTF gun. Anywho, I had a bunch of questions all of which I've forgotten, except one. Is it possible to remove the grenade launcher? It appears to be threaded on and pinned into place. Can I simply...
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    Opinions on G29 or other 10mm suggetions

    imported post So I do a decent amount of hiking and a 9mm isn't going to cut it for medium-sized dangerous animals, and slinging a rifle or shotgunover my back isn't advisable around here. About the largest animal I would have to worry about would be small black bear, but those are few and far...
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    So about Obama taking rights away...

    imported post http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090122/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_suspected_terrorists Funny, I thought he was supposed to be the guy taking rights away and turning this nation into Soviet Russia? Instead, one of the first things he does it release prisoners held unconstitutionally and...
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    Education poll time...

    imported post In response to a suggestion in this thread: http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=18649&forum_id=65&jump_to=309155 Oops, forgot stuff for in-progress people. Just choose what you will be completing.
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    Standing army what?

    imported post armytimes.com: I don't whether to laugh at their premise for maintaining a standing army within the country or just bang my head on the wall at how quickly this country is headed into the shitter.
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    Ranges that allows guests without a permit

    imported post Are there any? I saw a sign for one up in the middle of no where at the end of I384, which is much too far away for me, and that's about it. Wolf's is local to me, but, being the assholes that they are, they don't even allow someone to WATCH without a permit.Hoffman's new range is...
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    Crime free society

    imported post I had an interesting question posed to me today so I wanted to get some opinions on it. I wasn't sure how to respond because it isn't something I had ever really though of. With that said, there's some things that need to be understood to keep this from going grossly off-track...
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    Carrying on tribal lands

    imported post I'm not talking about open carrying, just carrying at all. I can't, for the life of me, find anything on the CT website about carrying on tribal lands (i.e. the casinos and surrounding areas). I know they're almost considered their own little states within a state so does the...