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  1. J

    1st time visitor to Illinois...have CC questions

    Hi folks...I will be visiting your state very soon. I wanted to CC while there so I started reading up on the CC laws...as such, I'm quite confused... The Reciprocity Maps show that your state does not recognize my CC permit from Oklahoma, but when reading up on the laws - it says...
  2. J

    I could use your help!!

    this has probably been tried before but I thought I'd give it a go again to see if I may have better luck this go-around. I'm attempting to gather enough support/signatures to have this petition reviewed for possible action. Basically, I'm asking to have all Government Civilian employees that...
  3. J

    online course for open carry?

    Had this link sent to me...thought it might be of importance to the group...fyi only folks!! http://onlinecarrytraining.com/
  4. J

    open carry while fishing in oklahoma?

    Are we allowed to carry while fishing here in oklahoma? I'm having a hard time finding a clear answer on it...can anyone help?