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    What do you carry?

    Yugo M57 in 7.62x25 about the size of a 1911 but more scary if you are on the wrong end of it.:)
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    School district has unique weapon for teachers

    School is putting a bucket of rocks in each class room. What a wonderful idea. http://www.therepublic.com/2018/03/23/us-students-armed-with-rocks/
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    AR Governor tells ASP that "Open carry is legal in AR"

    Now we shall see if the ASP thumbs its nose at the Governor. http://www.fox16.com/news/local-news/governor-tells-state-police-open-carry-is-the-law-in-arkansas/890411584
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    OC in Wal-Mart

    Saw a guy OC in our little Wal-Mart this morning. No little old ladies fainting, no one screaming he has a gun call the cops or any crap like that. No one seemed to even notice. I gave him the thumbs up, he smiled and returned the thumbs up.
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    Any rash of shootings since stand your ground went into effect Oct 14

    Have I missed all the hoopla the media would have given to such actions? The anti self defense people claimed that daily shootings would occur. Guess they were lying as usual.
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    Fulton County open carry

    Saw a open carry today at a restaurant in Fulton County AR. No one jumped over the railing into the river, no little old ladies screaming, no cops or swat teams showed up and I don't even know if anyone but me noticed he was carrying. Stopped and chatted with him for a minute and gave him an...
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    VA Legislature may strip Gov. of his armed security detail

    They think it would be the thing to do since the anti gun Gov. is so afraid of guns. Go gettem. http://bearingarms.com/va-gop-may-strip-mcauliffe-protective-detail-concealed-carry/
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    D.C. Circuit Court overturns the ban on carring a firearm outside the home in D.C.

    No doubt this will head to the Supreme Court but as of now the antis in D.C. have been slapped down. The way I read it OC and CCW are both legal in D.C. for the moment. But the poo poo probably doesn't know or care. PDF of the decision below. http://tinyurl.com/lgr27yw
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    OC at KC Wal-Mart resulrs in a MWAG call

    Wal-Mart customer called in the man with a gun inside the store because it scared them. As a side not the article states in the video the the KC Mayor has introduced an ordinance banning OC in KC. http://www.kmbc.com/news/armed-shopper-causes-concern-at-south-kc-walmart-store/27076962#!bjLwmt
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    Saw my first OC in Fulton County yesterday

    A man, his wife and two kids were eating lunch in Fulton County yesterday. He was open carrying a 1911 in a Serpa holster. No one ran screaming from the restaurant, no police showed up and no one gave him a second look. We exchanged pleasantries discussing 1911's all in all a good experience.
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    Where is the Clark County sheriff on the Bundy ranch thing

    Is he hiding under his desk or is he out supporting Clive Bundy? Has he considered in ordering the BLM to leave as he has the authority to do that very thing. There will be many people at the Bundy ranch open carrying firearms how will he handle that?
  12. 9

    Obama signs executive order permanently implententing Marshall Law

    If this is true hang on for a wild ride. https://www.mrconservative.com/2014/02/34029-obama-signs-executive-order-permanently-implementing-martial-law/
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    What happened to HB436 veto over ride

    I am still trying to wrap my old worn out brain around the reason for the two turncoats to vote no on the over ride which killed the vote. The last time OC was killed all kinds of old billy hell was raised because some blamed an incident of a legal OC encounter with the cops for the death of the...
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    Wildhorse Gun and Pawn, Waldron, AR

    Copied this from Arkansas Carry. You might want to keep this in mind if you live in the Waldron area. During Saturday's open carry shopping event at the Waldron Trade days, we were welcomed with open arms by everyone except the owner of the Wildhorse Gun and Pawn, Roy Hoppmeyer had posted...
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    Gov. Nixon signs SB75 & SB42

    This is a surprise after the HB436 veto.
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    Is there a report available on the secret do nothing Legislative session this year?

    Is there a report on who and why the do nothing politicians did what they didn't do or is is still a big dark deep secret trying to protect the guilty?
  17. 9

    KC OC group vs KC PD at Steak & Shake

    This video was originally posted on you tube in Feb and it follows the same line and end results as the incident in Washington, MO but this of course is not cop baiting by a KC group. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIQJ_FJ8zsQ
  18. 9

    Idiot in Kenosha

    Article about the VPC but the first two paragraphs are about this idiot that owns a service station in Kenosha and his response to concealed carry. You people in Kenosha need to boycott his business and let him know why. http://www.gunsmagazine.com/exclusive-wisconsin-carry-49-down-one-to-go/