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  1. DEROS72

    On the News again

    KOMO tv just came out and did an interview with me and will air at 5. KIRO also called and said they were coming as well.Just FYI.
  2. DEROS72

    Major update on Jan.19th Capital Rally

    I have pretty much everything in place.I just received a call from Clint Didier who will be attending also and will speak on 2A issues and where we are headed.Other speakers are Shiram Hadian ,Phil Watson of the SAF ,Dave Workman,Mark Knapp (attorney),sate representative Dave Taylor,and others...
  3. DEROS72

    Guns across america rally heres the scoop

    Guns across America Washington state Olympia at Travoli fountain noon Saturday Jan 19th Its coming together folks!!! As of 1/12 /2013 RALLY at Tivoil Fountian on the Washington capital campus high noon Saturday Jan. 19th 2013 One week away! There will speakers on 2nd amendment issues...
  4. DEROS72

    Willow Lake Moved to My new place in Browns Point for 2012

    Thank you all for coming to this years Open Carry BB-Q at my house.Thanks all for helping out and making this a great event.You can see this is a step up from willow lake.Instead we moved Willow Lake to my backyard in Browns point.Beautiful weather spectacular views and great friends.My Daughter...
  5. DEROS72

    Off topic/Duplex next to me for rent

    The landlord just put the place next to me for rent.It is a 1 large bedroom,1 bath, fireplace, approx 1100 sqr ft. in Browns Point .High vaulted beam cielings,laundry room,Huge windows upstairs looking out over commencement Bay,large yard(landscaping service is inc.Carport with storage .I have...
  6. DEROS72

    Man gunned down in Vegas was legally carrying

    It could happen here http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/cops-gun-down-man-for-legally-carrying-firearm/
  7. DEROS72

    Open Carry in the news KHQ interview with Jeff Hayes

    Jeff (Orphan )gave me a call today and said KHG tv came out and did an interview with him regarding the open carry at the Ron Paul rally.He told me the reporter was enlightend to find out what the real laws are.I.E. state pre emption.also that the convention center was in violation of...
  8. DEROS72

    Plaxico Burress on Gun safety...hilarious

  9. DEROS72

    Open Carry speaking event in Vancouver

    Friday the 17Th Nick and I spoke at the Fisher Grange in Vancouver,about all things open carry.Nick had this arranged for some time and it turned out very well.We had a group of about 40 plus there and they were very intent on getting correct information.As Nick says they were full of serial...
  10. DEROS72

    Coolest lights and music Iv'e seen yet.. Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas people.....( http://www.youtube.com/embed/YHwa-Iq1Bx4?rel=0%22+frameborder%3D%220%22+allowfullscreen%3E%3C%2Fiframe%3E ) I dare you to play a few minutes of this video.
  11. DEROS72

    Puyallup Gun Show this weekend Free tables

    I have purchased 3 tables as I was going to display my art again this month.However with the move and everything I haven't had time to restock my inventory of my best selling prints.So I am offering the use of my tables free to anyone that would like the space .I will be there manning the OC...
  12. DEROS72

    Could use some help MOVING finally

    I am finally movining out of the ghetto.Signinging papers on a Brownspoint duplex with waterfront view.2 bedroom additional patio off the matser bedroom,huge deck ,cathedral cielings (great for flying my toy helicoptors) Very cool. So I will need help moving saturday.Bill ,Jon Nick have...
  13. DEROS72

    Dave Workmans article mentions Willow Lake BB-Q

    Thanks Dave for the kind words..http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-seattle/nw-gunnies-got-furious-fast-over-botched-atf-op
  14. DEROS72

    We were all over police radio ..Kent Cornucopia

    I Had donated some art to the VA to aution to benefit veterans services.So last friday Nick and I went down and walked the street fair.We had some looks here and there but no hassle from Kent police.However at one point a volunteer officer said..I have to ask ...Who are you guys?We explained we...
  15. DEROS72

    Willow Lake date - Aug 20th

    I decided to post this on a new thread so everyone will see it. The Date for this years 4th annual Willow Lake meet will be Saturday August 20th beginning about 11 AM. There will be the usual prizes ,free food,toys and goodies for the kids.I will also be awarding the 2011 Open Carry Washington...
  16. DEROS72

    2nd Amendment Rally 2011 FIRST PHOTOS

    Here are some of the first photos from Washington states 2nd amendment rally held this past staurday.We had a great rally and turnout.350 to 400 armed citizens on our capital grounds and in the building and no one got shot! Our keynote speaker was Senator Pam Roach who was also carrying her...
  17. DEROS72

    And Now the WILLOW SURPRISE this year!!!!

    As some of you may know I have been recently blessed financially in huge way and have much more flexibility regarding our events and BB-Q's.So many of you have stood by me through many hard times and have been better friends than I have had all my life.Put up with driving me to hospitals and...
  18. DEROS72

    Huge 2nd Amenendment Rally planned in Olympia Washington

    Huge 2nd Amenendment Rally planned in Olympia Washington Second Amendment Rally Olympia WA 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7talGVuep0 You can loaded open carry here in Wa. and no one will bother you even on capital grounds! Info The 2nd Annual Washington State Second Amendment Rally...
  19. DEROS72

    Huge 2nd Amenendment Rally planned in Olympia Washington

    Second Amendment Rally Olympia WA 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7talGVuep0 Info The 2nd Annual Washington State Second Amendment Rally will be held on Saturday, April 30 2011, beginning at 10:00am at Tivoli Fountain Park, on the grounds of the State Capitol in Olympia, Washington...
  20. DEROS72

    Tax Day Rally Olympia..This Friday

    Is anyone going to this.It is on the capital steps beginning at 3PM. If so could I get a ride as I was wanting to get there and promo the 2A Rally like I did last year.