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  1. mdak06

    Change in New Hampshire law regarding open carry in a vehicle

    To whomever updates the pages: When New Hampshire passed SB 12 (the constitutional carry bill) earlier this year, it deleted the provision that required a permit for carrying in a vehicle. Specifically, Part 1:3 of the bill repealed RSA 159:4 - the section of law that previously required a...
  2. mdak06

    Looking for restaurant/bar along I-81 to watch sports on Friday night that allows OC

    Hi folks, I'll be heading down I-81 Friday afternoon/evening and was hoping to catch one or more NCAA basketball games on TV, so I'm hoping there's a place to do that ... somewhere from Harrisonburg down to Blacksburg/Christiansburg. I know that Buffalo Wild Wings is not gun-friendly, so I...
  3. mdak06

    Question regarding Oklahoma reciprocity with constitutional carry states

    Hi folks, I am curious about Oklahoma's law about concealed carry reciprocity with states that have established constitutional carry. As I understand it, the relevant text is in Title 21, Chapter 53, under the "Oklahoma Self-Defense Act" in Section 1290.26: Now my question is - how has...
  4. mdak06

    Question re OC on the seashore / Buxton / Dare County

    Are there any legal issues with open carry on the Cape Hatteras seashore and/or the Buxton area and/or Dare County? I'm down here just for the weekend and wasn't able to find info on it. I know NC has a partial preemption law (?) but the only info I found seemed to be old regarding this area.
  5. mdak06

    Questions from a visitor

    Hi all, I'm going to be visiting a relative in central NC this coming weekend. I also may be spending some time in other nearby areas (not sure exactly where yet - could be anywhere from Greensboro to Raleigh). I read the flyer posted on a sticky here. If I understand the basics correctly, OC...
  6. mdak06

    Suggestion for a change with the main map

    I'd like to suggest a color change for the basic the open carry map on this site (I assumed it goes in this forum, since I didn't see any others that seemed appropriate). Right now, the map has five colors: gold -- Gold Star Open Carry orange -- Open Carry Friendly green -- Licensed Open Carry...