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  1. bwarren917

    Liability Law About Property Owners Prohibiting Firearms

    Hi, I am working on my presentation for a couple people that I will be talking to regarding OC and the laws about it. A little while ago, I could have sworn I saw a law regarding the liability of business and people who prohibit weapons on their property. However, for the life of me, I can't...
  2. bwarren917

    Letter to Banks/CU's Concerning OC

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I've posted to the forums. But I drafted up a letter I was planning to send to banks/CU's concerning OC. Below, I've copy and pasted a draft. Any opinions and suggestions you have would be gladly appreciated. Also, anyone who wants to use this letter as...
  3. bwarren917

    What Would You Say to Someone Who Freaks Out at the Sight of a Gun?

    Hey Everyone, It dawned on me today that it may be worth creating a thread on OCDO where people can pitch in with responses they would give to people that freaked out at the sight of a lawful citizen OCing. What would you say/do in such a situation? Personally, I'd start with a joke...
  4. bwarren917

    Traveling Through South Dakota.

    Hi OCF Members, During my travels to NE, I will be going directly though SD. Any input, suggestions, or information about what I might be able to expect while going through this part of the country? I will be OCing and coming from Billings, MT. Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. bwarren917

    Columbus, NE Open Carry While Traveling.

    Hi OCF Members, I will be traveling to Columbus, NE in the coming days and was unsure of anyone's experience in that area. Perhaps even some input on what I might expect while OCing in this area? I will be carrying cash so to play it safe, I need to OC. Any input? I'm coming from Billings...
  6. bwarren917

    Any Experience in Laurel, MT?

    Hi Wstar425, Yea, it's a great gun! Such a reliable gun! Mine is the MK25 version. Next time you are in the area, we should meet up and chat for a bit? I setup an event that you are welcome to join if you are ever in the area (mid June). I've got a friend who used to be a trucker, so I...
  7. bwarren917

    Any Experience in Laurel, MT?

    Hey OCF Members, Anyone have a negative (or positive) experience in Laurel, MT? Sometimes I get uncomfortable with OC in new places as I have not quite adjusted to OCing everywhere, yet... Sorry if some of my posts seem a little strange at times.
  8. bwarren917

    States that require/only allow Open Carry?

    Hi OCF Members, I keep hearing this from various places and people, "if you live in a state that only allows OC", what states does this apply to? It seems to me like all states that allow OC, also allow CC. Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. bwarren917

    Open Carry Event on the 15th of Every Month at 6:00 PM at Muzzle Loader Cafe

    Based upon the advice of several users in my last post, which will be deleted (if possible) after this one is posted, here are the details of my new open carry event in Billings. I'm open and receptive to ideas and suggestions. Simply post a reply to this forum thread, and we can setup...
  10. bwarren917

    Banks that Support Open Carry (in Billings)?

    Hello OCM Members, I am trying to find a bank to replace Wells Fargo for both my business and personal use. I'm scouring everywhere I can think of to locate a Billings-area Bank (and Credit Union) that supports OC, and can't seem to find anything. Ideally too, I'd like to look into a bank and...
  11. bwarren917

    My Every Day Carry ("EDC") Setup.

    Hey OCF Members, I have listed below my daily carry rig. Please take this with a grain of sand, as your laws may not allow you to carry what I do. I carry: - 3.5 oz of Cold Steel Inferno Pepper spray in a holster I bought from Amazon that has a snapping top flap to ensure it stays snug...
  12. bwarren917

    Enterprise Rent - A - Car

    Hi OCF Members, I am about to drop off my rental car tonight at my local Enterprise Rent a Car Office, and need to carry because of having cash in large sums on me (I am picking up my truck and paying for the deductible at the body shop). I searched Google and found an article of someone OCing...
  13. bwarren917

    UPS, FedEx, or Other Shipping Carrier?

    Hi OCF Members, Anyone have experience with OC in UPS, FedEx, or other shipping company? I have a package I need to send, but I need to know who to spend money with based upon who has respect for OC. I looked all around these forums and on Google and found nothing substantial. Anyone with...