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  1. 5jeffro7

    Emergency issuance of CPL in cases of restraining orders

    was in a discussion with someone & they heard that a law was just passed that allows a person filing a restraining order to use the order to obtain a temporary Concealed license (or whatever those of you in IL call it ;) ) for (I believe) 90 days in order for the paperwork for a permanent...
  2. 5jeffro7

    visiting in a couple weeks

    Visiting CDA in a couple weeks for my daughter's first Tat: can y'all school me on carry laws (open and concealed) for WA residents with a CCW? may end up going to lunch with a relative from MT, & would prefer to stay within the law. any place I need to avoid? carry loaded in vehicle? Any...
  3. 5jeffro7

    Evergreen State Fair/Evergreen Speedway/Snohomish county

    the thread about the Puyallup far got me to thinking: During the course of my "employment" by Evergreen Speedway as track photographer, there have been occasions when I've noticed "firearms prohibited" signs posted at the entrance to the grandstands for the races. I know that Snohomish County...
  4. 5jeffro7

    non "21 and over" casinos

    I was talking with a guy I'd met this weekend & we began talking about the legality of carrying in a casino.... he works for a casino (unsure of what capacity) & mentioned that the "law" that's posted on the doors of the casino prohibiting firearms is more about the prohibition of minors than...
  5. 5jeffro7

    OT: Job Opportunity

    We (as drivers) have finally reached the point that we're starting to run out of available hours BEFORE all the weekly work is finished: the company has finally determined that it would be a good idea if they did some hiring. REQUIRED: CDL Class "A: Local Driving Experience with CDL willing to...
  6. 5jeffro7

    Complacency breeds mistakes...

    To make a long story short: Having been OC for quite some time, and not having had an encounter for probably close to 2 years, it happened tonight! Because of the heat, I tend to go to Martha Lake Park (164th in Lynnwood) to cool off after work, and have always OC'd. Tonight, I see...
  7. 5jeffro7

    Dennys in Fife 3/30 630ish am

    daughter & I will be stopping in for breakfast on our way to go camping in the rain...feel free to join us if you're in the area J
  8. 5jeffro7

    OT: it's finally finished

    After several months of installation, testing & tweaking, my web site finally went live! now to get some traffic from the WAC sho as well as other avenues penny auction site for ammo, reloading components & an ocasional custom 1911
  9. 5jeffro7

    OT: Logo Design Contest

    Just purchased my domain name for the next 10 years, now I'm working on getting a merchant account & software..then comes inventory...still need to come up with a logo..here's where you come in: help me design a logo/ slogan for my ecommerce/penny auction business..if I use your submission, at...
  10. 5jeffro7

    59er diner; W. of leavenworth...

    Friend & I were on the way to chelan, stopped by the above-mentioned establishment for a bite to eat. After waiting for about 10 minutes to have our order taken, we finally get to place our order. About wo minutes into waiting for our burgers, the owner approached, pointing at my 1911 & asking...
  11. 5jeffro7

    state ferry encounter(s)

    Friday, as I was on the 3:00 Seattle to bremerton ferry (walla walla), I was wandering around, taking pictures uf the scenery. As I rounded a corner, I hear, "Excuse me, sir". I turn to see, through a secure fence (leading up to th wheelhouse), a crew member in a white shirt speaking to me...
  12. 5jeffro7

    My new carry piece

    I feel just like a proud father...this is the culmination of about 5 1/2 months of wait..will feel even better when it gets to my FFL & I can pick it up...
  13. 5jeffro7

    Donation Letter?

    I tend to get verbal blockage at times (hard to beleive, huh?), so have a difficult time soliciting donations..if someone would care to draw up a "donation request letter", I'll be sure to give it to the gun shops when I leave copies of the 2A rally flyer JEff
  14. 5jeffro7

    Sam's Club?

    It's literally so seldom I'm on here anymore, and having had the board changed, I can't find anything..... Has anyone elved into sams club policy on open carry? I'm disliking the whole costco scenario & have the ability to get a sams club card for no charge.... my thoughts are that since...
  15. 5jeffro7

    wildeerness cleanup

    imported post If you are familiar with the Triangle pit or “Suicide Pit” as it’s known. You know it’s a mess. It’s one of the few public pits that are still open even with as messy as it is. The Washington Hometown forum on ar15.com got together a while back and attempted to do a cleanup on our...
  16. 5jeffro7

    somewhat off topic

    imported post here's an article that I happened to find in "Badges on the Bayou"...shows what can be done with a little time & effort...personally, I'll just buy the ammo rather than re-load.. Dr. J.D. Brown Efficacy of the 5.7X28 for Police...
  17. 5jeffro7

    Not exactly OC, but a good article

    imported post :monkey:celebrate:monkey:celebrate:monkey:celebrate:monkey:celebrate Child shoots intruder during home break-in By David Spunt - email PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - A ten-year-old boy left home alone with his sister used his mother's gun to shoot an intruder in the face, police said...
  18. 5jeffro7

    OC on Light Link Rail?

    imported post o.k., so on the way back from the willow lake event, Phoneguy and I took a detour on to beacon hill. We happened to find a parking spot at the beacon hill station so attempted to go check things out (the company I work for supplied all of the concrete for the LL Rail project for...
  19. 5jeffro7

    Sheeple cause encounter at WalMart

    imported post My daughter (9 in august) and I went to the Walmart on 164th in Lynnwood this afte4rnoon to pick up a couple "stadium chairs" and see what kind of pricing they had on yogurt. As we were 75% done with checking out, the "co-manager" (Roy) approached me & this is the conversation...
  20. 5jeffro7

    How gun control really works

    imported post From "Australian Shooter" Magazine ... An interesting letter in the Australian Shooter Magazine this week which says, I quote: "If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past 22 months, & a total of 2,112...