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    Positive, if brief experience.

    imported post Took some excellent classes with Gary LeRoux of Vermont Tactical this past weekend. Courses were hosted at Alder Run Gun Shop (they have a shooting range out back.) During course breaks, I was told I could leave the pistol I was borrowing from the instructor or wear it with me. I...
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    Friends of the NRA Dinner

    imported post Friends of the NRA Benefit Dinner - Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown. Takes place Monday, May 24th at 6:00 PM. I already bought a ticket ($60) - so if there are any other NYS OCDO members I'd be happy to say hi and introduce myself.
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    Rumor control, please?

    imported post During the national (unarmed) 2A rally at the Washington Monument today a fellow attendee nodded toward a few extra uniformed officers and said "I just spoke to a buddy of mine who said there was an incident at the armed rally in Virginia. That's why they sent extra cops here."...
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    Ammo Day!

    imported post Nov. 19th - National Ammo Day - just called Cheaper Than Dirt and ordered a nice quantity of good stuff! :) (Gun stores in my area are few and far between and don't seem to carry much of anything).
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    Bob's guns, McKean PA

    imported post Just curious - I live in NY state, but took a class at Bob's Guns/Lethal Weapons Training back in July. I thought he had a great store, nice (rebuilt) range, and Bob himself was a great instructor. Anyone else familiar with the place?
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    Status of carry in National Parks?

    imported post Does anyone know where this is at, currently?
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    A potential new ally...

    imported post I just finished reading an interesting new book by Neil Strauss called "Emergency - this book will save your life." The book chronicles his awakening to the dangers of the world, and the ways he has gone about dealing with them - in effect, realizing (even explicitly stating) that...
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    "would you like a Glock with that haircut?"

    imported post I got a haircut at a local barbershop about a week ago. The one patron ahead of me was a police officer - in the chair, but almost finished. I noticed that the officer's gunbelt was draped over an open counter drawer. His semiauto pistol was holstered, but the muzzle was...
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    Knob Creek Shoot in October - anyone from here going?

    imported post Was going to attend back in April, but flooding canceled it until this October. I'm booked to go, so I'm just wondering if anyone else here is planning on showing up there, whether to bring their hardware to the firing line, or to spectate/rent...
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    Shooting in the Savannah, GA Area?

    imported post Greetings: Visiting Savannah, GA for the first time ever to help a good friend with a major life-move from the Northeast. When I'm not helping her, I'd like to see about doing some shooting down there. Are there any "rental" type ranges in that area? Or perhaps some tactical...
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    Texas open carry petition

    imported post I hope that the petition gains some traction and moves Texas toward allowing open carry. It occurred to me that there might be another way... CC-only to OC might be a big step, too big for the legislature and Governor to swallow. Why not first work on advocating decrementing...