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    Just to ease y'all's minds: I do have a wonderful support system, a loving wife who will do anything for me, friends who are there for me, and am on hospice care. I have very little pain and what I do have is easily managed. I won't be back on here very often, but will try to get either my son...
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    Got the bad news last Thursday. I have an aggressive form of lung cancer, it is stage IV, and is terminal. My oncologist said two to six months. The way I feel right now, and not complaining, is that I'll be doing good to make three. Just wanted to tell y'all goodbye.
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    Unicorn spotted!

    The history of gun-rights organizations in Alabama is one of the more shameful episodes this old man has ever witnessed. Never mind the attacks of organizations on each other. The attacks of certain individuals on other individuals was beyond shameful. I don't have the words to express the...
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    "Jesus Saves" t-Shirt wearing preacher kicked out (or not) of Mall of America

    Gave me a flashback to the time, many years ago, that I was working in a shipyard on the Gulf Coast. We had a large population of "preachers" who made a habit of writing "Jesus Saves" on, of all places" the walls of the latrines. We also had a few heathen who would go behind them and write "S&H...
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    Dollywood visit

    What irritates this Old Soldier to no end is that most of us who made a career of the military, officer or enlisted, have far more firearms training than do many in law enforcement. I will also note that many of us who were career status made it our business to study and understand civilian law...
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    Alabama Constitutional Carry.

    Probably the major accomplishment was the elimination of the necessity of having a permit to carry in (or on) one's vehicle. That particular law's latest incarnation was from the beginnings of the Civil Rights era; most notably the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It was a large step, as evidenced by the...
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    Race–gender bias in white Americans’ preferences for gun availability

    It may be that the difference is in which state you are in. There are some counties in my state where you would think you had stepped back in time those twenty years, if not more. Don't get my wrong; I love my home state, but there are some here, especially in LE (or so it seems), that cannot...
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    Race–gender bias in white Americans’ preferences for gun availability

    This is an argument that has gone in circles for much of my life. 1. I can walk down almost any street in my state while open carrying and never see a cop with so much as a raised eyebrow. 2. Let a black person do the same, even in these modern times, and he/she will be very lucky to escape with...
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    They've been asking the wrong question.

    I suspect (from sad experience) that, should you look close enough, you will find the largest amount of voter fraud is in the state and local elections, not in the national elections. I can remember, as a boy, watching deputy sheriffs in an unnamed county (also a "dry" county) handing out...
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    Finally! Permitless Carry

    "Really Crummey wording giving lots of wiggle room." To paraphrase the great humorist, Will Rogers, "When the legislature makes a joke, it's law and when they make a law, it's a joke."
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    Finally! Permitless Carry

    Governor Kay Ivey signed into law House Bill 272 which removes the requirement for a permit to carry a pistol concealed or in a vehicle. While I have not yet had a chance to read all of the changes in the Code of Alabama, this does sound like a giant leap forward for us.
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    Would prefer the ability to delete my account. No hard feelings, but I am no longer interested.

    Would prefer the ability to delete my account. No hard feelings, but I am no longer interested.
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    Auf Wiedersehen

    It was a good journey with all of you, but now it is time for me to move on to other things. I wish all of you good health and good fortune in what you do.
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    Stand your ground debate or ??

    One news outlet quoted a relative of the deceases as saying that the homeowner used "excessive" force against these innocent children. More and more I am thinking that the inmates are running the asylum.
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    of interest to note AL CCP no longer be used for NICS background check...

    All because some of our sheriffs, all of whom are members of the Alabama Sheriffs' Association, could not be bothered to conduct background checks for pistol permits. Keep in mind that ASA has been the major lobbyist against constitutional carry here in Alabama. I've always thought that our...
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    Gender Identity??

    Just remember, "Men are from Mars; women are from Venus. Anything else is from Uranus!"
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    memorial day 2019

    Sad to see such cynicism from a younger member. I put in 21 years in the Army, but not in hopes of benefits. In fact, many of the benefits the recruiters promised were ignored by the government. During the majority of my time in uniform, the services were a deterrent against certain...
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    All I will say is read the Qu'ran and make up your own mind whether or not it is a "religion of peace." I have my own copy and I have read it through several times.
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    Sorry, no cigarettes!

    Unfortunately, eye95, you and I both know that there are mentally challenged people who think the movie/TV ideal of just "shooting to wound" is the way to go. I am reasonably accurate, to date, but I am very unsure of my ability to hit an arm or leg when under stress. That is the whole reason...
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    As of this morning, 04/17/19, reports say that investigators are unable to enter the parts of the cathedral that may contain evidence of how the fire started. They are interviewing the workers who had been on site when the fire started. At this point, all we have is suspicion and conjecture...