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  1. J

    Pistol training in Portland?

    Hey all, I am looking for a good sidearm training course for my wife's 18 year old sister in Portland. She is a firm believer in carrying and training, I wanted to find a good training course for her to go through. I would love to set her up with a course, rental 9mm and plenty of ammo. Any...
  2. J

    Auctioneers are the call of my people!

    I recently went to an open auction near Oologah and was thrilled to see 3 other open carriers there! That raises my total OC sightings to 7 since it passed. Incase anyone was wondering, there was not a gun battle after being outbid on a toolbox. As much as the antis would like to believe.
  3. J

    New holster today sw40ve

    I picked up this Don Hume jit slide (no. 40 F) for my 40 today, it is my first holster for it and I really like it. The trigger is well guarded and it is a perfect fit. it was a good deal at the Tulsa wanenmacher gun show today!
  4. J

    Tulsa children's museum allows carry

    I visited the TCM Saturday, and noticed they didn't have any kind of anti gunner signs at all! I talked with the manager, they are a private business that leases the building from the city, but do not have any kind of policy against firearms. If there is any place I want to carry, it is where I...
  5. J

    Tulsa event?

    I'm excited to meet and be a part of the carrying community. Do you guys organize in Tulsa very often?
  6. J

    Oc with a shoulder holster?

    Previously, i carried with a factory leather belt holster. But this weekend i carried my s&w 686 in a bianchi shoulder holster around the families place, and I really like it. I am way more comfortable drawing, and I feel it is less accessible from any bad person from out of my view. I feel like...
  7. J

    Moms demand action for gun sense in America.

    This is by far, the most ignorant thing I have ever seen. I don't want to live in a society with these radicals. According to them, I bought an illegal gun, shot up several schools, threaten the public and shoot my own family. I compare these radicals to the westboro baptist church. Check out...
  8. J

    Have a beer?

    Let me start off by stating I am not an alcoholic and don't enjoy alcohol to the stupid level that most do. However, I do love a good dark beer with dinner. I understand you cannot sit at a bar, or carry in a business that deals primarily in alcohol sale and consumption, but is it legal to have...
  9. J

    Benton county?

    Does anyone have oc experience in Benton county yet? I have family there that is licensed, but wary of oc. I have seen the map of counties and their status on carrying but if anyone had first hand experience that would be great. Also, I am now an Oklahoma resident, but would like to oc while...
  10. J

    Black powder open carry?

    Does anyone know if you can open carry a primitive firearm?
  11. J

    Carry at the mall?

    Is it legal and or acceptable to open carry at a mall? Let's say a mall in tulsa. After see the mall seige of Kenya, my thoughts of malls have changed.
  12. J

    My introduction

    Hey all I have been around guns my whole live and I finally got my Oklahoma carry card on Halloween. I have a 1 year old girl and my wife to look after, so I am definitely happy to have my license finally. I conceal carry my smith 642 when required, and carried my smith 357 mag model 586 for the...