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    travelling from Georgia to Florida - car carrry question

    I frequently travel from GA to Fl. Usuually I have a pistol in the car under the seat in a lock box and holstered. I also have a Georgia Weapons License. is there any issues with that scenario ? I've read as much as I can and it appears that no matter what, having the pistol secured, you are...
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    holster for springfield XDS - Tagua or Bianchi ?

    Looking for an OWB paddle holster in leather. Tagua quick draw (not sure if it's adjustable) or a Bianchi (maybe model 83 ?) I've never had either brand and wondering which is better long term etc ? If someone has an alternative, I'd be interested. something that will ride high and preferably...
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    perceived carry size verses reality

    i'm looking to buy a new CCW pistol to replace my sig p250 sc 9mm. i think its too chunky. looking at taurus 709 or xds. those are only slightly smaller on the width and a fraction less high. but i know that my taurus 740 i owned before the sig just carried better. ? do those fractions of an...
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    Sig P250 SC vs Glock 17 - not so different

    I own both a P250 sub compact and a full size Glock 17 and 22. one thing I've not done is compared the two, not sure why, maybe because one is full size and the other a sub, so never figured it made any sense, until the other day when i compared IWB carry of both with various shirts. The Sig...
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    legal to keep firearm at office ? (i.e. not just car)

    With all the high profile recent shootings, does anyone know if there are ANY Georgia regs prohibiting a license holder (or anyone for that matter) from keeping a firearm at your place of work ? i.e. locked box in a thermal sandwich bag locked in your desk drawer ?? A bunch of folks where I...
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    Hartsfield OC or CC ?

    I was trying to figure out what the regs were for Hartsfield Jackson. opencarry.org maps shows OC at the airport only, no CC ? Is this correct ? thanks
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    house bill passes 120-37

    imported post http://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-politics-elections/house-passes-bill-to-501169.html
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    traffic stop and impound

    imported post Good experience (mostly). This morning got pulled over by Gwinnett County PD. I had an expired tag due to emissions needing fixing and no money to fix. So I pull off the road into a car dealership parking bay and get my license and license (GFL) out as I've got a Glock 17 in the...
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    open plinking / running and gunning on public land

    imported post I'm not familiar with the regs as far as shooting on public land. Out west it appears you can just drive your truck out to the boonies and shoot a bunch of tin cans and do other running and gunning. Can you go out to public land in Georgia such as managed areas and set up a target...
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    rifle carry

    imported post Just wondering if there are any things in the Georgia code about openly carry a rifle, whether hunting rifle or AR type. And if one can open carry a rifle, does it need to be unloaded etc ? I've not read anything so I'm thinking it's permitted.
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    correct procedure during trafic stop

    imported post There have been a few posts about people being pulled over and their guns confiscated. What are the police allowed to do during a traffic stop or stopped as a pedestrian while carrying ? can you refuse to hand over a side arm, or refuse to allow it to be confiscated ? is it...
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    Atlanta airport gun ban status

    imported post I was reading on georgia carry that there may be no premise for the gun ban and more paperwork is being filed. Does any one know the plain English response to the ban as of December 31st ? or when their is going to be a definitive yes / no ?
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    georgia law on work place firearms

    imported post I know I've asked a similar question before, but does anyone know if there is a specific section of georgia code that restricts an employee taking their firearm into their place of work ? i'm assuming its just at the discretion of the actual business you work for, as gun stores...
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    Duluth / Gwinnett firearms issues

    imported post I was just wondering if Duluth / Gwinnett has any bad reputations against firearms carry. I just moved over the border from Alpharetta / Fulton Co. thanks
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    On the 4th lets take thanks we don't go the way of the UK

    imported post http://www.davekopel.com/2a/foreign/the-gold-standard-of-gun-control.htm Excert ...... (it's worth reading the whole thing, amazing deception by the government and lack of interest by the UK citizens to keep a grip on their rights, self defence is a joke, a bad joke) With...
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    Gun carrying Ladies

    imported post I was thinking, there are women out there who carry sidearms, but most of the posts appear to be men. It would be interesting to hear from the ladies out there who carry and what they think about it.
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    Concealed Carrywear for Summer

    imported post I've been debating for a month now about how I can conceal carry without the benefit of a long sweater or jacket. Most of the T's I have just don't quite do the job. One that I recently bought works great. I got it at Ross (Medlock Bridge Rd (141) @ McGinnis Ferry Rd...