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    Butler County metroparks - No OC allowed per park rules

    Butler County metroparks does not allow OC per park rules. They apparently allow (per the rules...I know 9.68 trumps) concealed carry of handgun, but again not OC of handgun or rifle. After performing a general internet search I found a post from 2007 from this site (appeared dead and not much...
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    No guns allowed in Cleveland during the GOP convention

    I have read the previous post about no guns in the Q, but this appears to be more interesting. I am talking about the "Republican National Convention Official Event Zone Permit Regulations" released May 25, 2016. ...Within all Public Access Areas, the following items are prohibited during the...
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    Is Open Carry legal in Georgia

    I have Ohio CCW permit and HATE the anti-gun laws in Georgia and the fact they do not recognize Ohio permit. I had a situation (or one that could have become one) while traveling through Georgia, but had to leave gun in car. I was approached by a shady individual asking for money at a gas...