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    jsut curious as to what you guys think of this

    imported post i was cruising the vsp website and i ran across this on private sales...now everone knows they are legal and i myself have done my fair share however, this caught my eye: "When purchasing handguns in a private sale. A private sale means purchase from a person who makes occasional...
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    va permits

    imported post well i am just throwing this out there...am i the only one that think with as much as it cost to get...well maybe they could issue CC permits that were not so damn cheap??? i mean for those that have seen a non-resident Va permit..its hard plastic and even has a pic of you on...
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    this is my "good and sufficent cause"

    imported post http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25872864 so far as it seems no children were hurt and thank goodness for that. so if i am ever asked, this is my good and sufficent cause to carry at church. never know who decides todays the day. again so sad, :(
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    lies and stretching the truth

    imported post i am using this thread to kinda vent and get feedback. i was checking vcdl update tonight and i dcided to check into some of the anti"s websites....i know but you know how it goes what better way to fight your enemy then to know its weaknesses...and i am sick and tired of seeing...
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    guns and librarys

    imported post well i know its legal to carry my gun in librarys thats why ia m now and boy howdy as i sit in powhatan library right now checking my email...well would you know it in comes a an inmate work force to do repairs on the library, nice to now that my one glock 17 mag holds more than...
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    imported post Hey guys, well I currently work for an establishment that sells guns. Well we get alot of police in there Richmond City, Chesterfield Police and Sheriff...well Just the other day I was talking with a Chesterfield County officer and we were jsut shooting the breeze and i brought up...
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    imported post :D:D:lol::lol::lol:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH:D:?:D:D:D:D:D I am so sorry for this, but i could not help myself, I have a buddy that moved here from NY a few years ago, and well when he first saw me OCing he bout sh** himself, and could not believe that...
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    Approach at a gas station

    imported post hey guys i thought i would add something and see if i can get some feed back. on wed this week, i was at a gas station on Jeff davis highway by dupont. Well as i was pulling up to the pump i noticed two guys at the other side of the pump. well my creep meter went off and when i...