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  1. Z

    mailing a gun

    imported post Anyone know the legalities of mailing a handgun? I know it has to be FedEX or UPS. I'm wondering, if you are flying across the country, can you mail it to yourself at the address where you will be staying? Do FFL's have to be any part of this?
  2. Z

    Puyallup Fair

    imported post Their website posts the following information: For Fairgoer safety, the following items are not allowed on the Fairgrounds: Open Containers Alcoholic Beverages Controlled Substances Boom Boxes Weapons Roller Skates Skate Boards Bicycles Unauthorized Vehicles Animals - (Except...
  3. Z

    Living in an apartment complex and OCing

    imported post I have been debating this topic. I live in an apartment complex and have OCed a few times, but when I walk out the door I have had the fear that I may be hindering my personal security because I am making it known that I have guns and when I go to work they can't come with me...
  4. Z

    A non-firearm related incident that fortified my belief in being armed

    imported post This is not to bash cops. I believe that they do have a vital role in society. Friday after work, I was on my way to drop off my car for my wife. Everything was routine. I live in Bremerton and only had a mile to drive. I was the third car in line to come to a stop at a traffic...
  5. Z

    Anyone know of a good lawyer from Kitsap Co?

    imported post I am asking because I am trying to help out a friend of mine. The situation is that the county sherriff issued him a CPL and followed that basically the next day with a letter informing him that he needed to return it immediately due to a prior conviction, which is incorrect. He...
  6. Z

    Airline issues?

    imported post I live 3,000 miles away from the rest of my family and often think about having to check my pistol with the airlines. I have yet to do so, but was wondering if anyone here has ever had any issues with airline travel (i.e. lost weapons with baggage / strife with airline personnel)?
  7. Z

    Cycling magazines?

    imported post Not sure if this has been a topic before, but I was wondering how many day(s) are advised to keep magazines loaded before cycling them in order to maintain spring tension. I usually cycle my magazines every 2-3 days. Thoughts?