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    Whatever happend to it? How do people settle scores today?
  2. T

    Was i banned again?

    WTF i guess i'll have to make a few more profiles.
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    What should you tell the cops?

    If you accidently shot a hole in your ceiling? or wall?
  4. T

    Amnesty for illegal aliens? what about gun owners?

    If you get caught LOC in california? Or cc without a permit?
  5. T

    How do people get glock 18's?

    If you can't have a auto built after 1986? NFA?
  6. T

    Rudeness shooting?

    In May 2005, Florida passed a "Stand Your Ground" law that authorized persons attacked in their own home or automobile to use lethal force in self-defense without a duty to retreat;[19] Brady Campaign workers passed out fliers at Florida airports warning tourists that, under what they called the...
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    22 magnum

    Can it be a good sd round? Effect on zombies?
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    Discrimination against other gun owners

    Should people only carry hand guns? Should they be called a troll and other names? Should we stomp on their face for not having mainstream views? Just my $0.02.