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    Mental state ??

    Have no mental health conditions that would prohibit you from having a license. Is the statement on the CPL... What are the mental health conditions or list of? Autism on it? I can find a thing regarding such list. Thanks in advance
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    DesMoines PD Stop

    imported post Last night I went to the Redondo pier which is covered by the City of DesMoines PD. There was a lot of people down there this night. Anyways... all was fine. Went out on the pier just to relax and watch the sunset. On my way back to my Truck, two LEO's rolled up and one said Hi...
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    Tacoma Dodge

    imported post Went down to Tacoma Dodge to get my truck serviced, at first nobody had anything to say about my sidearm. Then a service manager walk by and commented on "nice gun, even crisim laser grips, cool !" He was really glad to see people exercising the 2nd amendment rights. This started...
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    Federal Way Parks

    imported post Looking at FW muni code Chapter 11 Artical III, 11-72 11-72 Firearms and fireworks. Firearms, fireworks, bows, arrows and sling- shots are prohibited in any park. It is unlawful to shoot, fire or explode any firearms, fireworks, firecracker, torpedo or explosive of any kind...
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    6 dead, 2 injured. One deputy killed

    imported post My heart goes out to all those families and friends involved. A shooting spree in Skagit County has left six people dead and two injured by a man authorities describe as a well-known criminal with mental problems. State Patrol Trooper Keith Leary said a man was arrested after...
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    Post Office

    imported post http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum13/13592.html Anyone have a more legal opinion on if it is legal to OC or even CC at the post office.
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    imported post So I am about to go look for gun safes, have any used ones you want to get ride of? I am looking for something fire rated with electronic lock to make access faster. Also wondering what kind you all like, and why?
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    Anomalous Carry State?

    imported post Can anyone tell me why OC maps have Washington State as this "type" of OC ? I would think we are more of the Fully pre-emted with a license ( Green ) state? This only because of the CPL need in a Vehical. Thanks in Advance.
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    Teachers with Guns

    imported post Finially common sense prevails ! HARROLD, Texas — A tiny Texas school district may be the first in the nation to allow teachers and staff to pack guns for protection when classes begin later this month, a newspaper reported. Trustees at the Harrold Independent School District...
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    Seatac Shooting

    imported post KIRO RADIO Staff Police are looking for the person who shot a Des Moines man Tuesday night when he was walking on S. 208th St. with his girlfriend. He told police he was going to visit friends at the Willow Lake Apartments in SeaTac, where the shooting took place. The...
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    How many Stops are being investigated ?

    imported post Was curious as to how many stops by LEO are currently under investigation by OC members here in Washington? Ones that we arent getting any follow-up information about? Can we start a listing, with no interjecting opinons on the cases please? Mainsail - Seatac Airport Agent47 -...
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    Woman slashed at Ferndale WA ATM

    imported post Did anyone see this on the news. I saw the pictures of her after she was sticked up, very badley cut. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2008083415_webslashed31m.html
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    Legal to carry an ASP ?

    imported post What is the legal stance ( not that your an attorney...blah blah blah ) :D on the carry of a collapsable nightstick like an ASP ? I know everyone here would say that the gun is the only defense weapon, but in a case of escalation I feel that a ASP carried in my truck is a good (...
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    OC Acronyms

    imported post I would like to start a thread for new people that may not know all the Acronyms that OpenCarry users / law enforcement uses to help them in reading some of the posts. I will edit it as people add ones that I miss or correct me. I hope it helps. OC = Open Carry CC = Concealed...
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    Century Theaters in Federal Way Mall

    imported post The new mall theaters had a no weapons posting for about 6 months, I just went last night and its down, a matter of fact I cant find a no weapons sigh at the mall entrance either. Does anyone know what effected this change? Thanks in Advance.
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    Truley Amazing

    imported post Just so you guys know, I am new to this board. I have been CC for about 18 years off and on in many different aspects. I thought I was well informed of the laws and regulations of carrying a firearm in Washington. An employee turned me on to this site as I didnt beleive that OC...
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    Favorite Shooting Place

    imported post Favorite Shooting Place I would just like know where you like to go Shooting. Different Ranges, but mostly where outside you like to go.