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    Wis Indian Resv

    Any thing that is needed to know about traveling thru the Indian Resv in WI while carring? A friend from MI will be traveling thru the State on a mc.
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    Logging out?

    I log in to read the boards. Half way thru my reading, 10 min maybe, it logs me out automaticly. I have to relog in to finish reading. Why is that?
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    Carrying in Columbus Oh.

    Getting ready to look things up on my own but thought I'd ask here to. Going to a concert in Columbus in March. I will be coming from Indiana. I know I can oc legally from Ind. I also have my Utah NR and plan on CC while in Ohio. Any places I cannot carry legally? Show is at the 'Schott' and...
  4. H

    S&W Governor

    Saw one today and liked the way it fit. Seemed better then the judge. I know nothing about it. $640 and shoots .410, .45 acp, and .45 colt. I like the Colt round. Thoughts?
  5. H

    Saw my 1st oc in WY a week or more ago.

    Left the Rally and went to MT on my way back to Indiana. Spent the night in Wheatland WY. Got up and got gas and noticed a guy changing a flat in their parking lot with a shoulder holster on. I felt at ease.
  6. H

    Got patted down sat night.

    Was out visiting our fav gentalmans club. I carry my bug if I dont plan on drinking to much. After a meal we decided to hit another club to see a lady friend/dancer. She wasnt working so we hit another where our waitress friend works. It was her b-day. Never been to this place b4. So we go in...
  7. H

    Ind to NE

    After the Rally Im swinging down into NE on my way back to Ind. My Ind LTCH is not valid in NE but I have my Utah NR permit. Anything I need to know? I will be on a MC.
  8. H

    MI from Ind

    Next weekend we are heading up to Grayling to a cook out from Ind. The wife and I both carry and will be riding our own MC. Anything I need to know about doing this? I did it last year but you know how things change.
  9. H

    Coming into L-Ville on Sat.

    Anything special I need to know on carring into L-ville from Ind? I'll be on my MC and going to a liquor store and then a 'adult' estishment. Coming from NE IND to get some MM. Turn around and go home.
  10. H

    Visiting a felon.

    SO asked me this the other day and I had no answer or even thought about it. Her dad is a convicted felon. Can she/I carry into his house or what kind of trouble will we have if we get pulled over while he is in the vehicle and the guns are in our possesion?
  11. H

    Indiana home owner walks in on house being robbed.

    http://www.wane.com/dpp/news/crime/couple-beats-shoots-armed-intruder#idc-cover Another homeowner win.
  12. H

    Holiday shopping.

    Coworker told me this morning his son was out hitting the bargins at midnight. Everyone was gathered around a boxfull of items and grabbing everthing in sight. His son dropped something and when he bent to get it, someone reached under him and someone reached over him to get stuff. He then felt...
  13. H

    Thx Iowa

    Stayed in Walcott and Storm Lake 2 weeks ago on my way to the rally. Open carried, although my vest covered the top half while standing, it was open while sitting. No problems at all. I'm sure the Walcott officer in McD's new i had a gun cause the bulge in my shirt was obvious. Thx again!
  14. H

    Iowa Q's

    Going thru the State on the way to SD in Aug on my MC from Ind. Any places that I cant/shouldnt carry? Also about the vehicle carry, is a MC considered a 'vehicle' or any other MC/gun laws I need to know? I'll have my vest on so some of the holster will stick out. Sticking to a north route of...
  15. H

    Anyone see...

    The interview the local Ft Wayne news did with the Citi-link bus manager about handguns on the busses? Wow what a idiot. Thinking of sending him a email. http://www.wane.com/dpp/news/guns-and-public-transportation
  16. H

    So I was watching local news the other night....

    And they brought up the Gov of Indiana is signing a bill that would allow handgun carry in public places and libraries. Which I figured we could anyway so have no idea why the bill. Some head of a library next county over, was interviewed and was against it. He asked what is he to do? Is he to...
  17. H

    Going to MI from Ind

    Going up to northern MI at the end of May. Anything I should know? I have my Ind LTCH and Utah NR. Its been 4 yrs since I carried in detroit. Didnt know if anything changed or if my Ind is still good there. Oh, I'll be on my scoot (motorcycle) if that makes a differance on how I (to) carry. The...
  18. H

    Want a new revolver. Opinions.

    Looked at a S&W 686 .357- 6" barrel, Ruger .357- 4" barrel, and a Taurus .44 mag with 8" barrel. Whats your opinon on each? The .357's are close in price and the .44 mag is $100 less then the other 2. Would use it for mostly around home and maybe to deer hunt with. Shot the Smith years ago, dad...
  19. H

    Gunshow info

    Anyone been to a gun show in Shipshewana? (sp) They got a show on the 26-27th. Its a hour away and thought about going if its worth my time.
  20. H

    Thank you Iowa!

    I can now be legal to carry as I ride thru on my to SD from Ind. Thx!