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    Vegas Lunch Meet Up Saturday 2/22

    So I'm thinking about noon at Sierra Gold(Owned by PT's) on Warm Springs and Stephanie.
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    Southern Nevada Meet up?

    With all this talk of the Northerner's getting together I figured us Southerner's should too since it's been awhile. Any ideas on a date/place to get together? -Brett
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    BLM land near Henderson?

    Is there any BLM land or any legal shooting areas that don't involve a range in/near Henderson? I'm looking to go shooting tomorrow and am not sure where to go.
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    Green Valley Range Groupon

    Though you guys might be interested in this: http://www.groupon.com/deals/green-valley-range It looks like a pretty good deal.
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    Gunsmiths in Henderson?

    Hey guys, So I'm moving back to Henderson(long story) and need the rear sight on my Makarov .380 looked at as it isn't functioning properly. I also have about a dozen other guns that I inherited from my uncle who got them from my grandfather that need to be checked out. The last time they were...
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    Anti-OC Bars in Henderson

    Hey guys, I have encountered 2 anti-OC bars in Henderson, Hi-Scores on Stephanie and the 215 and Chilly Palmers on Warm Springs and Arroyo Grande. I was asked to leave Chilly Palmers with my firearm and have not been back since and I sent the following email to Hi-Scores: From: Brett Sent...
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    Group Volunteer Opportunity?

    Hey guys, Saw this on the news last night and thought it would be a great way to give back to the community. http://www.toys4smileslasvegas.org/HelpUs/Volunteer.htm Anyone interested in going? I was thinking about going on Wednesday for a few hours and possibly again on Saturday. -Brett
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    Anyone up for an OC Meet up today(10/21) or tomorrow(10/22)?

    Anyone up for an OC meetup today? Seems like a good opportunity to find out if this group is really pro-2A or will turn people away due to OCing http://americansforprosperity.org/nevada/event/obamas-failing-agenda-in-henderson/ Obama's Failing Agenda Tour Sunday, October 21, ALL DAY -...
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    CCW Courses?

    Hey guys, I found a deal on groupon for an 8 hour ccw course for $79 through Southern Nevada Fire Arms Training. I was wondering if it was worth the $79 or not? I want to get my CCW permit so I can CC at times but I'm not sure if that is a reputable place or not and figured you guys would be...