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    A hard-core liberal with good sense on Heller?

    imported post Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago might just be on to something here. Commenting on the hypocrisy of the SCOTUS ruling against D.C., the mayor said this: (quoted from msnbc) “You can’t carry a gun into the Supreme Court,” Daley said. “You can’t carry a gun in and around the Capitol...
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    4th July Parade OC Exhibit

    imported post I would like to get as many respectable (this is a PR play guys) looking and dressing people as we can, preferable carrying their kids, or bringing their wives/girlfriends (yes, I'm stereotyping, since most on here are male) to make an entry into the 4th July parade in downtown...
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    Corsair's OC experiences

    imported post I'm stealing an idea from others on this board. I thought I'd just chronicle the few interactions that I have with the public... and post them on this board more for my purposes, than otherwise. Enjoy! Nov. 12th 8:30pm - Chevron Convenience store I walk in, select my...
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    Moscow's at it again... help us!

    imported post According to the local radio station in Boise (670 KBOI), the City of Moscow's Mayor is trying to get around State Pre-emption law to ban firearms on city property and maybe other public places in response to the recent killing of a City Police Officer by a deranged individual...
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    Lucky Peak Corp of Engineers Project

    imported post Lucky Peak Recreation area, is apparently a defense-free zone. It is either owned or run by the Army Corp of Engineers, and they sub-contract enforcement to the Ada County Sheriff's Office. My bro and I were open carrying as we were launching our families boat on saturday...
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    Boise Cabela's is prohibiting Open Carry!

    imported post Boise Cabela's is prohibiting Open Carry! Basically I was asked if I was sworn LE and when I said no, I was told to leave and take my gun off. It wasn't handled very professionally by the person who confronted me and the follow-up "manager" type. Apparently CC is ok, but not...