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    Unicorn OC vacation through Wyoming

    imported post A member of another forum is going to open carry while on vacation in Wyoming. He's not a member of OCDO. He's blogging text and photos. http://www.stinkfight.com/2009/06/04/open-carry-vacation-to-wyoming-day-1/ gridboy
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    Recording statutes

    imported post Came across this list of state wiretapping/recording statutes. Montana specifically unexempts public officials or employees on the job. http://www.rcfp.org/taping/states.html gridboy
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    New Orleans to Baton Rouge travel?

    imported post I'm going to be flying into the New Orleans airport, driving to Baton Rouge for a visit. Are there any localities with grandfathered anti-OC laws? If I visit LSU, can I leave my gun in the trunk? I assume carrying a gun on-campus is not allowed. Also, off the OC topic, are there...
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    Reasons against getting concealed carry permit?

    imported post I'm thinking of getting a concealed carry permit (UT,FL). Are there any reasons for not getting it? I suppose more of my information goes into more databases. Any other downsides to having a concealed-carry permit, while open carrying? Seems like a lot of folks have concealed...