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    1911 .22

    I want a good .22 pistol for plinking and I really like the 1911 style. I think it would be awesome to have a 1911 .22. I've mainly been looking at the Chiappa 1911 and the GSG 1911. Those are both under $300. Anyone know any common problems with either? I don't know much about em, so any input...
  2. L

    Open carrying a long gun

    imported post If I am over 18, and open carrying a long gun and the cops stop me, what all do I have to show them? I know that no GFL is required for long guns. So would I just have to prove that I'm over 18?
  3. L

    Government taking our guns??

    imported post Here's the deal, I'm 17 and live with my parents. I turn 18 in a few days, and want to buy a few guns. My dad owns guns, but he either inherited them, or bought as a private sale. So as far as Uncle Sam knows, our home has no guns. My dad doesn't want me buying guns from a gun...