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    Glock 17

    imported post I have a 20th Anniversary G17 and I love it. I was wondering if anyone can answer a quick question for me. Can this gun eat a steady appetite of 9mm +P+ all day? Should I change out the guide rod and spring or is the factory one fine? Thanks, guys.
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    Ridiculous Statistics

    imported post http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-national/20080630/Gun.Deaths.Suicide/ I'm not sure how long that link will be valid, but basically it's a story about how suicides account for more gun related deaths than homicides and that a home that has a firearm is more likely to have a...
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    First Time Carrying Today

    imported post Well, today was my first experience carrying a loaded gun legally, thanks to my non-resident PA permit and a trip to Indiana. I carried my Beretta 90-Two holstered on my belt. I had my coat on over it since it was a little chilly, but wasn't concerned about it being open or...
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    Got my Pa Non-Res CCW.

    imported post Hey everyone. I just got my Pa CCW the other day and it came in record time. I sent in the application on Friday 4-11-08 and the licese was issued Monday and in my hands on Thursday. I know this is an open carry website, but you guys are so cool and most of you have CCW's anyway...
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    Non Resident CCW Question

    imported post I'm applying for my Pennsylvania non-resident concealed carry license this week and I was wondering if this would be honored in Kentucky? Even though I live in Illinois and have a non resident CCW from another state, will Ky honor this? Thanks guys.
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    FNH .45

    imported post Has anybody here shot the new FNH.45? I checked one out at the local gun shop the other day and I loved it. I dont know much about FNH, but the guy at the store said that they make extremely reliable and durable guns. What say you?
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    Paul Clement is a Socialist Pig.

    imported post "Clement did not back down yesterday. He said it would make a "world of difference" to the viability of federal gun control if government restrictions on gun ownership did not have to meet the strictest constitutional standards." -Washington Post I don't think I need to comment...
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    A New State

    imported post I just had a great idea. Why don't all of us gun owners have our own state? They can draw up a new state out of existing territories and we can all move there. We can live in our own state where everyone is armed. Then the gun grabbers will watch in astonishment as we have no...
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    Replace 'Em

    imported post We need citizen legislators, not career politicians. By enacting term limits on every elected position and time limits on unelected positions, we can clear away the shit every few years. Some may ask what this has to do with guns, but figure the math. If term limits ere enacted...
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    Obama the Anti

    imported post Barack Obama Supports extending the assault weapons ban. Supports national law against carrying concealed weapons, with exceptions for retired police and military personnel. Supports limiting gun sales to one per month. Sounds pretty commie to me when you think about it.
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    Glock kB?

    imported post I was reading some stuff on the internet last night because I have nothing better to do and came across a bunch of stories of Glocks going KaBoom. There were all sorts of explanations and it seems that it is almost always blamed on reloaded ammo or overpressure ammo. Some say that...
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    Steve Beshear

    imported post I've been trying to find out Steve Beshear's true stances on guns and was alarmed to read on a couple of websites that he supports the repeal of Kentucky's CCW law and the weakening or elimination of the Castle Doctrine. Is this true or is it some kind of propaganda BS?
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    Holster Required?

    imported post Do you have to have your gun in a holster if you are CC'ing? Or can you stick it in the back of your pants (not that I recommend this)? I heard that Indiana requires a holster so I was wondering about KY?
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    What type of gun control will an anti-gun president try to pass?

    imported post Ok, I am by nature a paranoid person and to be honest, I'm quite afraid of what will happen to our gun rights if Clinton, Obama, or Edwards is elected president. I read somewhere that Clinton is against Right-To-Carry. Do you think she would try to pass a federal law prohibiting...
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    Why do people always make fun of the 9mm?

    imported post Why do people feel the need to make fun of the 9mm? The ballistics on the round are excellent, especially when you are dealing with +P or +P+ Loads. I think that shot placement is more important. Stick with the old "2 in the chest, 1 in the head" mentality and everything will work...
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    Glock 20?

    imported post I've been eyeing up a GLock Model 20 for a while now but I am holding out to see if they come out an SF version of it since the .45 was changed. Has anyone heard about them possibly releasing a G20 SF? I've read a quite a bit about this gun and most people say it will fire...
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    What happened to Packing.org?

    imported post What happened to Packing.org? Every time I try to access the sight, it doesn't work? Any info? Is it going to be back up?
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    Carry in State Parks

    imported post Ok, so I'm looking at some of the State Parks on Kentucky's website and I looked at the General Rules or some shit, and it says that firearms are prohibited. I thought you could carry in Kentucky State Parks just not the federal ones. What's up with this?
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    Has Serpa made a Blackhawk Holster for the Glock 21SF?

    imported post Has Serpa made a holster for the Glock 21SF? Also, does anyone know if they're planning on making a Glock 20SF?
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    Hillary Clinton = Socialist

    imported post I've just had a political epiphany. Hillary Clinton says she is a 'progressive'. What exactly does that mean? It means that she is absolutely part of the progression in this country from democracy to socialism. Ya know, Ronald Reagan had it right when he said 'Government is not...