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    Where is everybody??

    I left because of real life problems to try to deal with . I hesitated to come back because i had reached the limit of my patience with KC3 and Gutshots Misinformation campaigns and constantly pushing bad bills .
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    What happened ar the capitol was not an insurrection. When our gov and nation call a minor incident done by a handful of people are so pussified as to call that an insurrection we are doomed as a nation if anything major should occur. .
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    How will Opencarry be, with this Inserection act taking place ?

    Open carry in ky wont be affected at all.
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    Biden investigation expands

    They are liberal. And about as rogue as the Atf
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    So begins the "NEW" normal

    The persons chair hes sitting is the one who should be under a prison along with her ilk of traitors .
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    ah, a young pro police civilian militia wantabe guards the community

    I would think with the legal system in Kenosha obviously on a witch hunt for Rittenhouse , while armed felons who attacked him walk free, the more control taken away from that legal system the better
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    Stand Your Ground (35 States) vs. Duty to Retreat (15 States). Ohio flips. E. Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy

    I personally like Kys take on SD. No duty to retreat. No arrest or detainment unless there is clear compelling evidence at the scene that the shoot wasnt self defense. And it is the states burden to prove it wasnt self defence. The defender has to prove nothing.
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    Subway bans open carry in their stores

    First i heard of Subway not wanting OC. Apparently the two Subways here havent either because i OC in them fairly regularly and not a peep said. Same with the Walmarts here.
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    ah, a young pro police civilian militia wantabe guards the community

    I would think jury. The local populace has little use for those who burned the town to the ground or the police who let them do it for 2 prior nights without a cop to be found. Its obvious that the local prosector and justice machine are trying to throw Rittenhouse under the bus to save their...
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    ah, a young pro police civilian militia wantabe guards the community

    If Rittenhouse whos actions were clearly self defense is convicted of anything then the SD laws in place everywhere mean nothing.
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    H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

    They are only anti gun when it removes other peoples right to be armed. They will have no problem arming themselves to fight the " righteous cause of socialism." About every lefty I know owns a gun. Some even carry them. It's you and me they dont want trusted with guns.
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    H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

    Doubt this gets off the ground in an election year. Still better hammer our reps hard not to even think about it. I simply dont see this virus, gun control fiasco ending peacefully. I don't even expect the election to go peacefully if Trump wins. It's going to get bad people. If you...
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    KY Freedom Rally May 2

    It's pretty simple. Gov Andy doesn't have the constitutional authority to shut down a church. Police without a warrant cannot remain on private property when told to leave unless they have a warrant or actually see a crime being committed. Regardless what little Andy says he has no authority...
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    KY Freedom Rally May 2

    Beshear doesnt dare try to use force to enforce his decrees. To do so will 1 guarantee he is a one term gov. 2. Ensure there is a statewide physical backlash he knows full well he does not have the muscle to quell.
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    Be the first to call the cops.

    That's your opinion which you are entitled too of course. Having also BTDT on both sides of the badge I can assure you the LAST thing you want to do is call the cops unless legally required too. Especially during an active home invasion etc. Mostly for your own safety. The news is...
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    More offense

    Dead bill. As it should be.
  17. G

    What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get sick?

    A large segment of the population ARE outraged, but to sheepish to resist dictatorship in America.
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    Dept. Homeland Severity; Gun Stores Are Essential Businesses

    Yep. And we got alota drunks that vote here too lol
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    More offense

    Probably lol. Or I could request a financial statement in writing which all non profits are required to provide upon request by law. That would likely give a good clue. Not that I would EVER do that.