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    Tea Party

    imported post There's a bunch of good people on here and you guys keep on keepin on. Cannot understand why the posts with "Tea Party" were locked. Didn't know it was bad JuJu. Very simple....I back the Tea Parties and by doing so it seem we are at a difference. I have deleted my personal...
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    Tea Party Post

    imported post Some times I'm just plain dumb and miss the obivious.....But whywas the post locked? Thanks in advance.:question:
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    Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd...Must See

    imported post http://www.personalliberty.com/feature-video/tea-party-member-stuns-crowd/
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    OC E'Town

    imported post O'Charleys in E'Town is OC friendly. Had ribs there today. My buddy had a beer and I had coffee with dinner. Had my Glock 21 and extra mag in the open. Not one single odd look.:dude:
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    Roamin' Around Ky

    imported post Wednesday, Daughter and I went to the Hodgenville courthouse to congratulate some winners. Had dinner, then went for some ice cream and on to grocery shop in New Haven. We OC'd the whole time. Today, we went to E'Town steak house for dinner then to Wally World. Uneventful at both...
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    Daughter in from Texas.

    imported post We had dinner today and she OC'd in Hodgenville. Gonna do some things in several areasand she'll be oc'ing the whole time. I OC all the time...new to her.:dude:
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    'Uh Oh Moment" #2

    imported post I gave up hunting quite some time ago. No problem. Squirrels have been driving my Jumpin' Jack Russell nertz all day by playing right in front of my cabin. Well, I loaded my newly traded for Brazilian Boito twice by and waited at my door. Nuttin'. Nada. Zilch. I went ahead and...
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    Cozy Corner.....Loretto, Ky.....Open Carry

    imported post Had a nice lunch of Lasagna and salad in Loretto, Ky whilst open carrying. They have a bar and you can get alcoholic drinks with your dinner too. I had coffee. Not one single 'second look' from either customers or staff. I shall eat there again.:dude:
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    OC At My Doctor's Office.

    imported post Today .....no vest or jacket. Glock 21 on my hip....Bardstown, Ky. No one in waiting room was bothered. Receptionist and nurses all cool. One asked why and I replied "My Right" AND EXPLAINED....then she was cool. Doc is used to me carrying and asked how my collecting was going...
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    Another "UhOh" minute......

    imported post Had been sick to the point my kids didn't expect dear old dad to make it. They cleaned my cabin of all guns for safekeepimg,but missed a couple. My normal OC Glock was in storage with holster, so I reverted to my Taurus PT945 and mexican carry. Welllllll I had lost a lot of...
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    Bardstown and Rand Paul

    imported post Had an enjoyable time meeting him....had pic taken with him. OC'd my Glock and had a good (but costly) dinner. He is THE man!:celebrate
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    Tea Party And Rand Paul....Bardstown, Ky.....

    imported post I plan on being there and will OC while wearing an anti Obama shirt.:dude: The Nelson County Tea Party will be hosting a town hall meeting with U.S Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul, on Wednesday, February 24th at Kreso's Family Restaurant, 218 N. 3rd St. in Bardstown. There will be...
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    Wound Up Where I Wasn't Wanted........

    imported post Chanced to meet this 'lady' I had been advised about at a rural gas station. I had just taken a .45 1911 in to a smith to be fixed and I had NO ammo or mag. Yes. Asked for a ride homeLovin' all over me and I'm thinking "MY TURN!" HehHeh HooBoy! MY lucky day.....NOT. Pulled into...
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    True Self Defense

    imported post Ah yes. Both of us had been partying and she was almost out when we decided to go to Cliff's truck for breakfast. In Indiana. I was going to have to turn around and bumped the fender of two "Nice" minority "ladies". Hoo Boy. They started squalling how much trouble I was in and I...
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    Time for a repost.............

    imported post Traveler's checklist: *Standard firearms ownership: unrestricted, no permit or license required *Semi-auto gun ownership: unrestricted, no permit or license required *Machine gun ownership: no state restrictions, compliance with federal law only *Firearm law uniformity...
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    Today.....Christma open carry.

    imported post In Elizabethtown Five Star on 31 E by court circle. Stopped to get some goodies....E'Town cop car outside, cop just inside door. Walked past and we both nodded. I have a Glock 21 in a Fobus paddle on my right hip. Got my goodies, no problem with very sweet clerk.....cop outside...
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    Rib Dinner In Campbellsville....Then WWorld....OC

    imported post Dang. Forgot the name of the place.....started with a C. Open carrying. NO one even gave me a second glance. They had guns on the wall in dioramas. Dunno if they were real.....but gave the place a nice atmosphere. Left and went to WWorld. AGAIN....not one cockeyed look or...
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    Veterans' Day....School Dinner....OC

    imported post New Haven, Ky courtesy dinner at elementary school. Displayed my badge and attendedopenly armed. Shared a table with Ky Rep Dave Floyd. Rep Floyd and Idiscussed open carry and HE told me that he approved and was very aware ofthe wheres and whys of open carry. I am impressed!I...
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    My Daughter In From Texas.......

    imported post .....And we went every where OCing. She's tickled too.:dude:
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    Bardstown Wally World......

    imported post Needed some goodies from Wally World and, of course, open carried. NO ONE EVEN TOOK A SECOND LOOK......until I came upon a young stock boy in the BB gunaisle. I had some BBs and he asked if it was for theBB gun on my hip (Glock 21). He was nice and kinda curious, not snotty. Had...