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    Starbucks new Firearm Policy? Found this online..

    This came from another forum.. looks legit.. anyone got any info on it?
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    Question on a overnight Portland Stay..

    I am heading to portland from Tacoma for a overnight stay with the GF, and wanted to know if I bring my gun (no oregon CHL yet) am I allowed to carry it in a case in my car with loaded magazines in the same case? And what is considered legal carry in Oregon as regards to Knives and OC Spray?
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    So who was carrying at the Port of Tacoma today?

    So which one of you were taking pictures and video while open carrying a firearm at the Port of Tacoma? You just had to go piss off the Longshoreman lmfao. I know there's video so who was it and where can I watch? "Sent Via Time Traveling Blue Police Box"
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    Hope nobody renewed their Champions Arms Membership

    Place is up for sale, and according to King 5 might be closed in a few days www.king5.com/news/investigators/Pawn-shop-tops--179196361.html Way to bad of mojo from that place according to atf and news investigation "Sent via a teleportation device"
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    Sound Credit Union..

    So on a whim I sent their customer service a question on their firearms policy, just to see what they would say. Only because of some recent discussion about other banks I wanted to know my bank's reaction. The response was unreasonable.. Basic drone response of.. For the safety of our...
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    Unicorn in tacoma

    Bank asset protection guy riding a Harley with bulletproof kevlar that had his company name on it. [ around I5 and 74th near winco I think Friday... Looked like a 1911 too... Lol "Sent via a teleportation device"
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    Pierce County District Court 2nd Amendment Violation? Komo Problem Solvers

    Recently hit up Pierce County District Court on 96th in Tacoma and they have yet to install security lock boxes for licensed gun holders/open carriers. I have since contacted Komo News and they have replied and would like a statement and some follow up information. Here's hoping they can get...
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    Lakewood GTG March 1st? Anyone

    Anyone for a lakewood/tacoma gtg this tues the 1st?
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    Talked to my moms boss at walmart.. good news for us OC and CC peeps..

    Apparently walmarts policy is they dont care. They allow you weapons open carry or concealed carry as long as you carry your permit :uhoh: how does that work with open carry dont ask me. But they wont ask you to leave but they might ask you to cover, but of course you dont have to.
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    Anyone else wearing uncle mikes?

    picked up my 2nd uncle mikes today. a Super Slide http://www.uncle-mikes.com/products/super_belt_slide_holsters.html I must admit ive been skeptical about finding a comfortable holster... 6'5ish and 475ish lbs.. but after wearing an uncle mikes...
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    Recruiting: OpenCarry.org Pierce County Adopt A Street Program

    I was recently given permission from John P. to start this up under these 2 conditions Now I figured what a good way to show how "NOT SCARY" we can be and show our civic pride.. I will only do this if I can get enough people to join up.. Im thinking we need at least 10 people who are willing to...
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    has the WAC show at Showare been cancelled?

    I dont know why but i went to the WAC site and the Showare site and neither mention any show for the july 3rd and 4th weekend... any comments?