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    Vetoed !!!

    http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/schweitzer_continues_veto_spree_with_15_more/22997/ I guess noone was calling the Gov .. Maybe we should call him again and tell him we are no longer going to Vote for him!! not that i ever did.

    A new year in MT Legislation

    http://laws.leg.mt.gov/laws11/LAW0217W$BAIV.return_all_bills In that link you will find several bills. I have thumbed through and found a few that I think are Important to familiarize yourself on. HB 159 Hunting Ammo HB 174 Suppressors in the field HB 201 Firearms in Employee vehicles...

    Breaking Federal Law unwittingly !!

    imported post Apparently Post Office parking lots are a Gun Free zone! http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?p=5699102#post5699102 There is great speculation as to the law yet it looks pretty clear. I Wonder what Gary Marbut thinks of this issue? I wonder if the MT's Federal School zone...

    Helena BLM Closing Because of Shooters!

    imported post http://www.blm.gov/mt/st/en/info/newsroom/2009/june/North_Hills.html The Bureau of Land Management plans to create a shooting safety zone for an area in the North Hills recreation area located about six miles northeast of Helena. The proposal calls for a no-shooting safety zone...

    Have you guys seen this Site Yet

    imported post http://ccwhere.com/ I have Posted the Two Pro Carry spots in MT.

    A Bit of Victory For Montanans

    imported post http://fwp.mt.gov/news/article_7815.aspx This is great News For Montanans, Ranchers, Farmers,and Hunters, and theElk population .

    Stolen silencer

    imported post Stolen items (three silencers) Three silencers were stolen today, January the 29th, in Byers, COlorado at the Lead Valley gun range located in Arapahoe county. The three silencers stolen are as follows: 762SD from Advanced Armament Corp, serial number B0222 Evolution 45 from...

    Eric Holder

    imported post I wrote Sen Max Baucus about my views of Eric Holders anti 2 Amendment past.here is his Response; Dear "MT GUNNY": Thank you for contacting me with your opinions on Eric Holder, the current Attorney General nominee. I appreciate your advocacy on this issue. Service is...

    HB 228 (Castel Doctrine)

    imported post It is late I know but as soon as you get this Call these Reps and let them Know that Several states have adopted this stuf also this is Good for Montanans Here is a link from the NRA Website it has all the Info needed for who to Email and Phone #s I sujest you Call since they...
  10. MT GUNNY

    A Call to Arms

    imported post Suck it up! Get on the offensive. November 13, 2008 Last Sunday I gave callers 30 minutes to whine, complain, worry, snivel, posture, and generally go through whatever stages of grief worked for them following the election results putting Senator Obama into the White House. After...
  11. MT GUNNY

    Who Is Voting Armed?

    imported post I would Like to but do not know if I can in MT. Anyone had experiance with this ?