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  1. JustaShooter

    Travelling through Tennessee But Will Be Stopping On Way Back

    I believe you are misreading it, likely because the phrasing / punctuation are vague. I believe this would be a better phrasing: Open carry is legal with a permit. Open carry is legal without a permit if the gun is unloaded and the ammunition is not in the immediate vicinity. Another...
  2. JustaShooter

    Travelling through Tennessee But Will Be Stopping On Way Back

    I suspect there has been some misunderstanding along the way. As long as your WI license is honored by TN, you can carry a loaded gun with you whether or not you are traveling through. See 39-17-1351.Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Handgun Carry Permits. (r)(1)A facially valid handgun permit...
  3. JustaShooter

    ohio renaissance festival

    How long ago was that? Much has happened in the past decade - although I wouldn't go so far as to say that all LEAs in Ohio handle OC properly, from personal experience, and from reports by others like BB62, MWSY, etc., it is rare to encounter anything like you mentioned.
  4. JustaShooter

    ohio renaissance festival

    Also from the website, at https://www.renfestival.com/10-things-you-should-know-before-going-to-the-ohio-renaissance-festival/ (Emphasis mine) And regardless of the website policy, we still don't know what, if any, signage is posted at the venue, nor how the staff will react to a sidearm...
  5. JustaShooter

    ohio renaissance festival

    They require all weapons to be "peace-tied", but I'm sure they are thinking swords, daggers, etc. - I have no idea how they would react to open carry of a handgun, even "peace-tied", nor do I know if they post the venue. If you find out, please post back.
  6. JustaShooter

    Does anyone know what happened to the Virginia1774 website?

    It appears to have been archived by the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. The most recent archive I saw was from March 20, 2018. On that date, their website shows the last update as Feb. 5, 2013. I don't know how complete the archive is, but it can be found here...
  7. JustaShooter

    Does HB228 outlaw some firearms beginning March 28th? (Correction: Not the 4th or the 24th)

    HB 86 has been signed by Gov. DeWine. The emergency clause within the Act will allow it to take effect simultaneously with HB228 on March 28th, preventing the error from becoming law (and finally making Shockwaves and similar firearms legal in Ohio without requiring a Dangerous Ordnance license..)
  8. JustaShooter

    Does HB228 outlaw some firearms beginning March 28th? (Correction: Not the 4th or the 24th)

    SB53 passed the Senate 24-8 a few days ago, FWIW. The House version also passed, as you noted. However, there is enough difference between the two bills that either the Senate will have to pass the House bill as-is, or the House pass the Senate version as-is - if either modifies the other's...
  9. JustaShooter

    You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.

    No, it isn't - but then, it's not defined for operating a vehicle under the influence either. The 0.08 BAC level (or whatever it is today) is a "presumptive" limit, meaning as I understand it that if you are over that limit you are presumed to be under the influence, but you can be found to be...
  10. JustaShooter

    You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.

    Indeed - but with the caveat that it is a crime in Ohio to be "under the influence" of alcohol or a drug of abuse while carrying.
  11. JustaShooter

    You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.

    Even if placed in the trunk, if he failed to unload the firearm and was "under the influence" that would explain the "Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle" charge. From ORC 2923.16:
  12. JustaShooter

    Does HB228 outlaw some firearms beginning March 28th? (Correction: Not the 4th or the 24th)

    (FYI, the effective date of HB 228 is March 28th, not March 4th or 24th as stated in the OP.) The issue that is concerning is the wording in HB 228 that was originally to be included as 2923.11 (L)(7) as an exclusion from the definition of "dangerous ordnance", that was, in the last edit of...
  13. JustaShooter

    Cinépolis Theater, Dayton, OH is NOW POSTED!!!

    As I understand ORC 2923.121 you are correct: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2923.121
  14. JustaShooter

    Alien Gear Holster Company attacks open carry

    Actually, they do. From the URL CoL posted (http://aliengearholsters.com/holsters/sw-mp-shield-20-9mm.html):
  15. JustaShooter

    Best looking OC EDC Photo Thread

    I wouldn't say the sidearm itself qualifies as best - or even good - looking, but the holster I had made for it sure is purty.
  16. JustaShooter

    Minnesota has dropped recognition of Ohio licenses

    Minnesota dropped 4 more states in this year's evaluation of states with similar laws: Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma and Tennessee are no longer recognized. Since Ohio hasn't had any new firearms or concealed carry laws take effect during the past year, I have no idea why they were dropped...
  17. JustaShooter

    Governor Kasich has signed Substitute Senate Bill 199

    Kasich signs 17 bills, including concealed-carry expansion http://www.dispatch.com/content/blogs/the-daily-briefing/2016/12/12192016-kasich-signs-bills.html The new law will take effect 90 days after it is filed with the Secretary of State, so on or about March 20, 2017.
  18. JustaShooter

    Shipping a handgun to myself 594 issues?

    That's the old labeling. The new labeling looks like this:
  19. JustaShooter

    Open Carrier spotted at McDonalds in Green at 11:30

    Hey, to the Open Carrier leaving the McDonald's in Green at 11:30am today in a small group (two others I think, who I did not see carrying), are you a member here?
  20. JustaShooter

    Texas Open Carry Groups Issue Joint Statement on OC of Long Arms

    Come and Take It Texas, Texas Carry, Gun Rights Across America and Open Carry Texas Joint Statement on OC of Long Arms – May 21, 2014 FUQ: Emphasis mine.