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  1. Z

    Happy National day of resistance

    Have a fun and happy national day of resistance. I hope you all get to go to a pro-2a rally in your area today, I know I will be and am looking forward to it!
  2. Z

    Day of resistance rallies

    I have to say that I'm disappointed in the lack of action here in the Tennessee forums. I figured there would be a million events posted for the national day of resistance by now. Since there are ZERO I will go ahead and post the one that I know of and will be attending, the East TN Day of...
  3. Z

    Are we already at war?

    Has Civil War 2.0 already started and we just don't realize it yet? I heard today that Chris Kent and another strong 2a advocate were gunned down on a range by one of Obama's brownshirt thugs no doubt. Earlier it was one of the producers of FPS Russia, and we've seen the WH petition to hunt...
  4. Z

    Anyone up for a meet and greet?

    Would anybody be interrested in having a meet and greet in or around the Knoxville area? I would love to meet some other OC'ers and make some new friends. What do you say, are you in?
  5. Z

    Florida homeowner holds naked and crazed home invader at gun point until cops arive

    I saw this on our local news and was surprised nobody had posted it here yet... this is one bizarre case. Glad it turned out as well as it could for everybody. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/fla-homeowners-terrorized-naked-man-article-1.1246800 As a side note: I'd recommend some...
  6. Z

    OC'd for first time tonight

    I OC'd for the first time tonight. It was just to the redbox down the street and then to the gas station, but I thought it went well. I'm not sure if the clerk even noticed. I've been watching some of the OC stop videos on You Tube and I was a little confused by them because it seemed like...
  7. Z

    I hate being made a fool, I feel so betrayed and mad.

    Every once in a while I make a monumental blunder and become a little too trusting and gullible. So was the case when I fell for the BULL$HIT from the DNC about how they weren't going to go after guns and that the NRA was crazy for saying they would when they hadn't in the first term. I fell...
  8. Z

    bill to eliminate the carry permit fees of veterans is making headway.

    Good news for veterans, there's a bill making it's way through the state legislature that would eliminate the carry permit fees for veterans. It's not retroactive though, so don't expect any refunds, but if you're a veteran and don't already have a carry permit, you won't have to pay the fee to...
  9. Z

    Is there some place where I can look up terminology and acronyms used on this site?

    I keep seeing some acronyms that I can't quite figure out... like people say Welcome to OCDO... obviously the OC stands for Open Carry, but what does the DO stand for? There are other things I come across sometimes as well but can't think of off the top of my head right now, and it just seems...
  10. Z

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times before...

    But let's make it one more. In Tennessee do you need a carry permit to carry on your own property?
  11. Z

    Question about home invasion

    Hello, Last night a man tried to kick in our door in the early morning. He wasn't successful at breaking in the door. I got a glimpse of him through the window, not enough to positively ID the guy, but enough to see that it didn't look like he had anything in his hands. So it got me to...