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  1. oak1971

    Bristol Range Posted: No CCW

    Might not be news to some, but I was shocked to see the signs posted everywhere.
  2. oak1971

    What Caliber Do You Carry? And Why? Terminal Ballistics As Viewed In A Morgue!

    Lift kits not only allow you to foil a carjacker, but you can save time in your commute by simply driving over the cars in front of you in case of traffic jams. Insert sarcasm here.
  3. oak1971

    Happy day!

    My church had our leadership council meeting today and the topic of posting a no carry sign was brought up. I sit on the council and reminded everyone that license holders are not the people we need to worry about, its the criminals who are not deterred in the least by a little sign on the door...
  4. oak1971

    Has anyone been pulled over while carrying on our new license and how did LEO react?

    Its bound to happen sooner or later. So if you have been pulled over, please post the experience you had. I work late and frequently am driving home at 1:00am, which would be a really bad time to get pulled over and have train some LEO about my carry rights.
  5. oak1971

    Police seek charges against gun carrier with permit pending

    Just call me Schultz....
  6. oak1971

    1911 holster question.

    I use C5 Leather's Montana rig for my 1911. It is convertible from CC to OC. Never had a problem with the safety. http://shop.c5leather.com/
  7. oak1971

    Wrong info on CCW card...what to do?

    I received my card on Sat. Everything looks good except they have my middle name wrong. Not just misspelled, but a different middle name. Address, birthday, ect are all correct. So what do I do? My thought is to not rock the boat. If I send the card back now, it could be months.
  8. oak1971

    NRA Calls Out DOJ

    http://content.clearchannel.com/cc-common/mlib/1170/10/1170_1317837748.pdf To all the DOJ fan boys. :p
  9. oak1971

    I know I shoudn't listen to rumors but....

    I keep hearing that there is another shoe yet to drop in the CC legislation. Something about Walker caving in to liberal Police Chiefs and altering the bill. One of those "heard it in a gun shop" deals. Any credible information on this?
  10. oak1971

    Not all business people are anti carry

    This business was presented as a counter point to Robert Hack Diamonds position on carry. It was on channel 6 tonight. I plan on spending some money there. http://www.downtownwestallis.org/business%20webpages/bookedsolid.htm
  11. oak1971

    Constitutional Carry radio advert

    Heard the new radio ad for constitutional carry today. They did a fine job and I was happy to hear the plug at the end for Wisconsin Carry. :banana:
  12. oak1971

    Funny story on Constitutional Carry

    I was calling some of our legislators to express my support for Constitutional Carry the other day and mis dialed a number. I didn't figure it out at first and spent several minutes educating the fellow on the the other end of the phone before I realized I had dialed wrong, he ended up...
  13. oak1971

    Fairly positve coverage of the CC bills

    On WISN 12 last night Mike Goushe (spelling?) did a good job moderating between Galloway and some Dem hack from Milwaukee. He even nailed the Dem several times when he was spinning and twisting the facts. Galloway said we'll end up with a hybrid between Con Carry and Permits with reciprocity...
  14. oak1971

    Primary Challengers?

    Is it too early to think about supporting primary challengers to replace some of the Repubs in Madison? Could we use the threat for some leverage?
  15. oak1971

    Site down?

    I saw a maintenance alert earlier and then it was down for hours. Hope it was just updates and not a Wikihacker.
  16. oak1971

    Will Walker demolish the DNR?

    Been hearing some scuttlebutt that Walker plans to shake things up at the DNR. I'm all for that, as it will be good for sportsmen and carry practitioners alike. I have not heard any details yet, anyone have any info on what he's planning?
  17. oak1971

    Predictions on the Wisconsin elections?

    What will the landscape look like tomorrow night? What will we be able to get changed related to carry? Baby steps, or will we get it all in one shot?
  18. oak1971

    Just became a member

    Sent in my dues for WCI. :banana: