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    Hey everyone.. So.. I'm Canadian and I live in Alberta, but I come down to Nevada at least twice a year. Id come down more if it didn't cost so much. If I bought an apartment or a house in Nevada, would I be considered a "resident" for the purposes of a CCW? What kind of ID requirements would...
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    Any special OC meetings happening in Vegas September 22-26?

    Hello everyone.. I'm heading to Vegas soon (Canadian, taking another course at Front Sight, EH). The last time I was down, everyone was busy but I'd really like to meet some of you from here. I fly in Sunday Sept 22, but have to get some holsters and accessories so not sure if I have time...
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    Looking for a gun store in Vegas

    Hello... I'll be in Vegas in September and I'm looking for a gun store in Vegas that I can get some 10 round magazines, and holster and other accessories. Any that stand out that are good to deal with? Ive been to New Frontier Armoury in NLV a couple years ago and had a pleasant experience but...
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    What should I do if.....

    Please forgive the length of this...I want to paint the whole picture, and show my mindset in different situations... This happened to me and my wife the last time we visited but I wasn't carrying We were walking down a street in Las Vegas, minding our own business, well off of the strip, and a...
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    Canadian visitor with OC questions

    Hello all. I searched but could not find my answers anywhere. Background: I am Canadian, planning on visiting Nevada a few times per year. I am an armored car guard, and a range officer at a shooting range, so I am responsible with firearms and use of force. I would like to carry in Nevada...