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  1. Verd

    Anyone know of a local police/sheriff department

    willing to take non-resident conceal carry permits by mail, instead of in person? I live in Missouri, which honours Washington's permits, and my job will not allow me to openly carry a firearm even though i work at night and deal with all the drunks from the 3 bars that are within a 5 minute...
  2. Verd

    Gun song about idiots on the gun range

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvAvth2sMHc&sns=fb It's actually pretty well done.
  3. Verd

    Other firearm bills currently in the House and Senate

    Some of the bills in the House and Senate right now only help out Conceal Carry permit holders, which is in and of itself a 2nd Amendment violation so I'll just list out the bill numbers with a link if those of you who want to ask your represenatives and senators to support a bill for a...
  4. Verd

    We have 3 (yes, 3!) OC preemption bills!

    These three bills are as follows (since for some reason, we are only talking about SB680 and not the other two, I felt the need to showcase them as well), make sure to contact your senators and represenatives to encourage them to vote for these three bills! HB 1589: Repeals authority for...
  5. Verd

    How jurers see legally armed citizens

    http://www.thejuryexpert.com/2009/09/will-it-hurt-me-in-court-weapons-issues-and-the-fears-of-the-legally-armed-citizen/ The rest of the article is pretty damn good as well, and a bit of an eye opener. I have read theories about this from Massad Ayoob and others, but this is the first time I...
  6. Verd

    Bill in Seattle will make illegal for DOJ to force police to comply with Constitution

    Seattle WA police seem to have an ace in the hole in their effort to stop the DOJ from forcing them to stop committing civil rights abuses in the form of a fellow Seattle police officer in the state legislature. That officer has crafted a bill that will make it illegal for the DOJ to force...
  7. Verd

    Judge rejects NY's argument that the illegal stop and frisk was an isolated incident

    partly because there were 601,055 "isolated incidents" in 2010 alone. http://blog.simplejustice.us/2012/01/17/601055-isolated-incidents-a-year.aspx I get so tired of the "isolated incident" argument about cops.
  8. Verd

    Illinois State Representative has filed a bill that would legalize recording a police

    http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-01-12/news/ct-met-eavesdropping-bill-20120113_1_eavesdropping-law-chicago-police-police-officers Lets hope that this bill goes through for all of you who live in the draconian state of Illinois
  9. Verd

    Indiana Senate: Citizens have the right to resist illegal police entry.

    http://www.theindychannel.com/politics/30230912/detail.html Now if only it would come into law, there might just be less instances of illegal police entry.
  10. Verd

    Bar Patron shot and killed one of three armed robbers, the other two ran away.

  11. Verd

    Awesome article on gun rights and safety that includes a President and First Lady

    http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2011/01/11/more-guns-less-crime/a-chance-to-fight-back excerpt:
  12. Verd

    Question regarding shotgun adapters

    While I know that longgun talk isn't really okay here, there are a few handguns that also shoot shotgun shells. And I was wondering if the adapters in the below links are safe to use in them (handguns that can shoot shotgun sheels, as well as in normal shotguns)...
  13. Verd

    How safe are your gun safes from lock pickers?

    http://vimeo.com/31177302 They delve into biometrics, basic gun locks that ship with your guns, trigger locks, and pretty much stick with low to mid-range cost on gun safes. Information that you should really know about if you are using a gun lock/safe for more than just child protection.
  14. Verd

    Perfect Yard Sign

    This is one I am wanting.
  15. Verd

    Looking to add a 9mm handgun; what do you recommend and why?

    I picked up my Ruger p95 at a gun show nearby and it was a simple experience, unless you count in the haggling time lol! About as easy as buying the sp2022 from a pawn shop. I, personally, would rather buy from a person... be it from a table or a store, than online. Much better in my opinion to...
  16. Verd

    Elderly homeowner shoots intruder during burglary in Boone County

    Good for the homeowner!
  17. Verd

    Citizen helps police and deputies capture pharmacy robbery suspect in Springfield

    Good job for the citizens who were able to help capture this BG! Especially glad since he was using a gun in order to intimidate and force the clerks to give him what he wanted.
  18. Verd

    Oregon homeowner opens fire on burglar

    Wonder if the burglar did in fact know who he was attempting to go after and if it was only a burglary that he had in mind, seeing as to who owned the home and that there were two police dogs there. Either way, good job for the officer, too bad it is unsure of if any of his shots landed.
  19. Verd

    Property owner shot, killed burglar

    I'm all for the property owner in this, though it seems that since the police are interviewing the guy he might have broken some sort of law? I thought the Castle Doctrine is absolute, that you are free assume a deadly threat from anyone in your home that is there by breaking in... In the...
  20. Verd

    Another deadly taser incident

    http://www.ky3.com/videobeta/6fa47b51-c274-4118-acf6-b3f45bad6f6a/News/Man-dies-after-being-Tasered It seems that taser deaths are on the rise, which could be that officers are being pressured to use tasers more often or if there is not enough information done of the effects of tasers in...