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    imported post I am having an issue with my 1911, whenever humidity changes or I handle it while sweating....I get a fine sprinkle of surface rust on my weapon, because the finish is so worn down from every day carry. It is getting worse and worse each day, I have even noticed the frame has...
  2. K

    Asked to disarm in Carmax...

    imported post I was looking around at some different cars yesterday and decided to go to Carmax to see what they had to offer. So I get into the doors and before I could say anything one of the salesmen pops out and starts with the whole " Is that a GUN?!:what:" I replied with "Yes, it...
  3. K

    A thought.

    imported post Ive been thinking, and I have come to the conclusion that most of us...shoot and practice more than most LEO's.. Now this is not cop bashing at all, let me finish. You have all of the anti's stating that we shouldnt be allowed to carry in places like malls, and gatherings and so...
  4. K

    Funny video I just found

    imported post Might not be safe for work... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf5l4SeTTbE
  5. K

    Does anybody know?

    imported post Does anyone know if they will allow me to either carry (doubt it) or lock up my firearm somewhere there, I am allowed on base with my family military ID but I have never carried there, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. K

    Quick shotgun question

    imported post I have a 2007 Mustang, and I was wondering if there is anything prohibiting me from rigging some sort of rack for my 870 on the underside of my trunk lid? Just like the police, so when you open your trunk, its smack dab in your face and accessible. Thanks!
  7. K

    First negative OC experience.

    imported post So, tonight, about an hour ago, I was in walmart looking for something for an Ipod for a friend. I noticed a guy take intrest in my XD and try to follow me through the store, then he approached me asking: Him: DO YOU HAVE A PERMIT FOR THAT!?! Me: Sir, there is no permit for...
  8. K


    imported post Hillary is stepping down and endorsing Obama, this is messed up... It's live now. Sen. Clinton: "We need to help elect Barack Obama our president" She is suspending presidential bid, endorsing Obama. It is big, I dont like it.
  9. K

    Commonwealth 20

    imported post Well, Commonwealth 20 (off of Hull Street) was very gun friendly, but in the last 3 weeks, they were bought out by Regal. Now there are 2 signs (that you have to look for) that state: So....It is now a No-Go :? Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.
  10. K

    GREAT deals!

    imported post Gunsatcost.com I just bought a NEW XD for $426.87 That is the cheapest I have ever found a new one for. I am sorry if this has been posted already.
  11. K

    I may be very late in this post...

    imported post And found this! http://youtube.com/watch?v=aeR9LKDtQws It was added on April 5th, so it's pretty new to me.
  12. K

    Need ideas!

    imported post I am going to be printing up hundreds of these http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/attachment.php?id=516 in brochure format, folding them, and putting them in local gun stores and ranges. Any other ideas on where would be a good place to put them? I was thinking rest stops but i can...
  13. K

    Question about...

    imported post Hey all!, I was told by a Chesterfield officer that ther was "no such thing" as CC on your own property. Almost all of my neighbors are anti's and I was worried about them freaking out, soI asked him while he was outside of my house if there was a way around that. "Just throw...
  14. K

    Problem with Glock

    imported post Hello all, Ok my friend bought a Glock and OC's every day, wellyesterday he pulled the mag out, and went to rack the slide back to unload the one in the chamber, and it went off... Everytime he racks the slide back now it will go off, happend 4 times at the range then he just...
  15. K

    Who knows about...

    imported post Hey everyone, Iam soon to be 18, and will be OC'ing pretty much everywhere. Ihave a friend who has about 30 acres, with constant break-ins happening in broad daylight. My question was, with his permission, since it is private property, couldI be able to CC while i'm doing work...