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    Unpleasant walk through Duluth.

    Ill start by noting this isn't exactly an "open carry" related thread... A few months ago I went up to MN to visit a friend, and while they were doing something I went off on my own to explore duluth. I walked from Miller Hill Mall down to the Canal park and back. My route included Lake road...
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    Anyone going to the Richmond Folk Festival this weekend (10/08-10/2010)?

    http://www.richmondfolkfestival.org/ This weekend down by Tredegar
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    Shooting on state land?

    Howdy! I was wondering what the protocol is on public land? It looks like out in Powhatan theres a 4500 acre space. Can you just go out and shoot there, or do you need some form of hunting license? I'm just looking to do a little plinking without going to some goofy range :) Sorry of this has...
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    Anyone interested in an OC dinner

    imported post Are there any events or is anyone interested in a OC dinner or meetup in the Lapeer area? Also, are there any IDPA or IDPA like group around here?