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    "Gun Rights Across America"-South Dakota Rally March 2nd, 2013 Pierre,SD

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    South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC) Please join our Nation-wide Boycott of AutoZone

    Please visit the links below for details: http://wtkr.com/2012/11/30/autozone-employee-fired-after-taking-action-against-fake-beard-bandit/ http://www.boycottowl.com/AutoZone/742
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    Open Shoot Range Day with Paul Lathrop (Politics and Guns Podcast) and SDOC Aug. 25th

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    (SDOC) Sioux Falls Chapter July's meeting & Range Day with Paul Lathrop (GRRN)

    ****** Attn: SDOC Members and Supporters******** (SDOC) Sioux Falls Chapter July's meeting will be held in Conj. with a Range Day. Mr. Paul Lathrop From (GRRN) Politics and Guns Podcats has invited us all out to shoot with him at his families farm on Sat. July 28th. We will all meet at Loves...
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    (SDOC) Mayor to hold News Conference Wed. July 11th. 2012 on executive order 07-29

    Sioux Falls,SD Mayor will be holding a news Conference at Sioux Falls City Hall to discuss NEW changes to Executive order 07-29 which currently bans Weapons on City Property. Please see link below, SDOC will be attending this event...
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    (SDOC) President invited to South Dakota State Republician Convention

    After e-mailing many of our SD State Reps. and Senators on Sioux Falls Executive order 07-29 banning law-abiding citizens from carrying weapons for their and their families protection on City Property in Violation of SD State Preemption laws, SD State Constitution art 6. Sec.24 and the 2nd...
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    "Guns in Park: Calming Fears" (SDOC) Sioux Falls

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    (SDOC) Sioux Falls Chapter OC' Family Picnic Not liked by one Sioux Falls Citizen

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    (SDOC) Recieved First "Hater" Post online

    Please s link to see and comment on the post http://www.sdakotabirds.com/feathers_and_folly/?p=1296
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    (SDOC) OC' Family Picnic & Fun @ the Park Sat. June 16th 2012 (Weather Permitting)

    (SDOC) OC' Family Picnic & Fun @ the Park Sat. June 16th 2012 (Weather Permitting) :banana: (SDOC) OC' Family Picnic and Fun in Park Sat. June 16th 2012 (Weather Permitting) :banana: When: Sat. June 16th. 2012 Where: Lyon Park Corner of 14St. & Phillips Ave. Sioux Falls...
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    Attn: All pro_gun supporters this is an official (sdoc) call to action!!!!

    ATTN: ALL PRO_GUN SUPPORTERS THIS IS AN OFFICIAL (SDOC) CALL TO ACTION!!!! Daugaard endorses anti-gunners! Posted on May 24, 2012 by NAGR Staff Governor Dennis Daugaard claims to be pro-gun. But politicians don’t always tell the truth, do they? Earlier this year, Governor Daugaard...
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    A WIN!!! for South Dakota Citizens.....

    WOW, GREAT JOB I want to thank everyone that called and or Wrote to the Sioux Falls Mayor's Office and City Council yesterday to Voice Opposition to Executive Order 07-29. In less than 24 HRS and with Strong Opposition from South Dakota Open Carry advocacy group (SDOC) and several other State...
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    South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC) kicks off campaign in Oppsition of Weapons Ban

    South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC) is kickin' off its campaign today in opposition of Sioux Falls "Catch ALL" Executive Order 07-29 which Bans weapons on City Property. We ask for everyone to take a few mins. out of your day to write or call to the Sioux Falls Mayors office and Sioux Falls City...
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    South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC) Sioux Falls Chapter Monthly Meeting 05-12-2012

    This is tentative plans based on weather. We will meet up with (SDOC) Vermillion Chapter, at the Restaurant at Noon, hold our meeting and eat. We will then convoy to the Range at Clay, County Park (Vermillion Pistol Club) and have a range day. This is a 100yd range open to pistol, rifle, and...
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    (SDOC) Sioux Falls Launches FACEBOOK Page.....

    Come Check out South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC) Sioux Falls Chapter Facebook Page at the link below. Stay up to date on local News, legislation, and More. https://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Dakota-Open-Carry-Sioux-Falls-Chapter/307412979331213
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    ALERT: BE PREPARED BE VIGILANT it has already started.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EirC88RbnJ4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A24cFPV5JtA&feature=related
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    good video I came across today on you tube, check it out

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    (SDOC) Sioux Falls Chapter Makes ArgusLeader My Voices Section

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    (SDOC) Sioux falls Chapter Meeting Apr. 13th 2012

    South Dakota Open Carry (Sioux Falls Chapter) Chapter Meeting will be held Friday Apr. 13th 2012 at 7PM Location: Starbucks Address: 3601 West 41st Street. Sioux Falls,SD All are welcome to attend, Members Please wear your SDOC T-shirt If you have one.