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  1. cmdr_iceman71

    LEOs Unlawfully Confiscate Your Pistol: What Would You Do?

    I can foresee my next stop with the DPD while on foot. I won’t able to play hardball and refuse to identify myself without reasonable suspicion of a crime. Why not? Here in Michigan we have to register our pistols. If a lawful citizen refuses to I.D. themselves LEOs will just take the pistol(s)...
  2. cmdr_iceman71

    Detroit Police Department stop #12 for me

    OCed 10.2 miles through Detroit and Highland Park this afternoon. I was stopped by DPD on Pontchatrain and 7 mile and ticketed for riding a bicycle without a license. listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fubq7KDD0-c The LEO in question stated he didn’t want to ticket me for the bicycle...
  3. cmdr_iceman71

    Searching for the Ultimate Fighting Handgun

    I’m looking for a 45 caliber handgun with a 5 inch barrel that holds no less than 14 cartridges and has a double/single action trigger. These are all must have attributes. Is there any gun other than FN-45 Tactical that fits this description? I looked long and hard at Para Ordnance’s P-14 but...
  4. cmdr_iceman71

    Newbie Questions about Night Sights Installation

    I’m still relatively new to the gun culture so when I purchased my two FNP-45s last year I thought that night sights were a bit over the top and unnecessary, something that only gun nuts purchased when they ran out of things to buy. lol But now having immersed myself moreso into the gun...
  5. cmdr_iceman71

    Lawful Possession of a Handgun at a Drive-In? (for CPL holders only)

    I've wracked my brain for a couple of weeks trying to figure this out but the way I understand Michigan law regarding mere possession or concealed carry of a handgun; the only way a person with a CPL could lawfully be in possession while on the property of an entertainment facility such as the...
  6. cmdr_iceman71

    Seven Rational Reasons to Carry A Back Up Gun

    There are several good reasons to carry a second handgun for defensive purposes. None are the exclusive province of law enforcement. Let’s examine them in detail. 1) The primary gun may be taken away. In Kentucky, an armed criminal caught a uniformed police officer off guard and took away his...
  7. cmdr_iceman71

    Handgun possession in airport?

    imported post Can someone point me in the direction of the statues regarding handgun possession in an airport. You know where one can carry; Safe-zones, authorized areas.....etc
  8. cmdr_iceman71

    Who Makes the Best Defensive Ammo .45 ACP 230gr JHP (NON +P) ???

    imported post How many ft/lbs and fps are ideal for defensive ammo for a .45 ACP 230gr JHPNON +P cartridge? What do you recommend as the minimum ft/lbs? What’s too much and is likely to over-penetrate? What manufactures sell reputable loads in .45 ACP 230gr JHP that are NOT +P ?
  9. cmdr_iceman71

    Spray Painting your Magazines

    imported post Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge advocate of OCing however, I’m looking to enjoy the advantages of OCing without looking like a wannabe cop or Commando while out in public. Other’s seeing my gun is one thing, but with carrying all the extra ammunition and I begin to border on looking...
  10. cmdr_iceman71

    Detroit Police Precincts Arbitrarily Designated as PFZ's?

    imported post I was discussing with a colleague how OC is legal in the state and the conversation veered into PFZ’s. He said he and a friend of his walked into a DPD precinct (he didn’t say which one) to conduct some business and his friend was CCing and the police arrested him. As I...