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    Please contact Colt, Remington, and Beretta and ask them to stand with Americans.

    I would ask everyone to please contact Colt, Remington and Beretta, DPMS Panther Arms, Bushmaster and any other manufacturer you can think of and ask them to restrict sales to any state or politically subdivision thereof, if that state prohibits or attempts to prohibit their citizens from...
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    New AWB Coming...Feinstein has issued her gun control agenda please read.

    http://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/assault-weapons This is the agenda of one of the senators from California....Feinstein intends to take it all if she can.
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    Please sign the petition to deport the anti-2A talking head Piers Morgan

    He is so anti-American, I see no reason to not sign the petition to ask the government to deport him. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/deport-british-citizen-piers-morgan-attacking-2nd-amendment/prfh5zHD
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    Please read this and pass it on.

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    So I am looking to move. Just got married, wife currently away. We preferably would rather be somewhere in the northwest--particularly CO, WY, MT, and even AK..but she needs to be able to find work in process engineering, invoicing or document controls--as is her occupation. Can anyone in...
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    non resident visiting

    As a non resident who is planning a trip to Nevada in the upcoming weeks, I have a couple of questions. First, where is it off limits to carry? Second, as a non-resident would I be able to purchase a firearm directly if I found one I wanted or would I have to purchase and then ship it to my...
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    Sitka municipal code 10.88.020

    Is this legally enforceable? Granted it only concerns concealed carry--but is it still enforceable given the limited amount of authority given to boroughs and municipalities to pass and enforce firearms legislation? 10.88.020 Prohibitions. It is unlawful for any person to: A. Discharge...
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    Complete preemption?

    Question: Does Alaska have complete and total preemption or may a city, or municipality pass laws restricting carry?
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    Constitutional Carry

    I know I keep at it--but would you all please contact your legislators and ask them to support a Constitutional carry bill in this state? We just don't seem to be making any headway at all on this and there is no reason why it can't become a reality.
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    Executive Security International--has anyone heard of them?

    As the title says--has anyone heard of Executive Security Int? Saw their website but don't have a clue whether they are legitimate or just a money sucking black hole that leads to a dead end job--or no job at all. opinions appreciated.
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    Birmingham Zoo

    Is the Birmingham Zoo posted or can you carry concealed there?
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    Pinal County

    Who here lives in or around Pinal County? Considering my options, may be moving, looking at land, jobs...Want to live in a free state, and I don't want live in the north--no offense to my northern neighbors--but Ohio, and the more Communistic states to my north just isn't for me. So advice...
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    May be traveling to Birmingham--stop over on vacation

    So, I may be traveling through Birmingham in the near future--about to take a vacation and road trip. Could you all tell me how friendly/unfriendly Alabama in general and Birmingham in particular is toward those who OC in particular but carry in general? Are LEOs professional--meaning will...
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    Why no movement toward Constitutional Carry?

    So why no attempt for Constitutional Carry this year? We will never get it if we don't start working for it. We have to show the legislature that this is what we want--other states have done it successfully and we can do if we really want it. Everyone needs to get on a writing spree--your...
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    Do not patronize list

    So lets start a Do not patronize list for TN... I will start. Went to Mr. K's Books in Oak Ridge--they have a computer printed sign that reads "FIREARMS NOT PERMITTED REALLY...
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    When was the last time?

    When was the last time members of the TN forum wrote a letter to the editor section of your individual news papers promoting the open carry of firearms? When was the last time members of the TN forum wrote letters to the larger newspapers promoting the open carry of firearms? When was the...
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    Constitutional Carry (unlicensed carry)

    To those of you who believe we should be allowed unlicensed carry: I ask you to please take the time to write your state legislators and ask them to support an unlicensed Constitutional carry bill in the state legislature. We will never get it if we don't start working for it. Please...
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    unlicensed carry

    I know I have mentioned this before, but I would appreciate it if everyone would work their reps to obtain an unlicensed carry bill in 2011--I have seen others on other forums speaking of it--BUT I have also seen some responding who seem to look at the TN Handgun carry permit as some sort of...
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    Pikeville City Ordinance

    imported post I found this law for the city of Pikeville while thinking about making a day trip into KY from TN. Was wondering--I know OC w/o a permit is legal in KY--but here in TN we have to have a state sponsored privilege card (Permit) in order to carry OC/CC. Is this ordinance enforceable...
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    Carry where alcohol served will again be legal

    imported post http://www.newschannel5.com/Global/story.asp?S=12599196 Some of the comments on the Commercial appeal site are ridiculous--those people would do well to live in Kommiefornia... The antis couldn't be happy with the previous carry bill, so now we have this one--I wonder what the...