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    Tossed out of Steeplegate mall

    As the title states! Got tossed out of the mall on last Saturday. I normally shop there a bit with my wife and child and have had zero issues. I was OC there and barely sat down in the food court with my son and 3 mall cops came up and the one told me i was going to have the leave. I asked...
  2. M

    Visiting PA from NH, can my wife OC?

    I see she can conceal but is she allowed to OC like residents? Sorry for the silly question too TIA
  3. M

    Claremont police are scary

    Had a small issue the other night in walmart. I was about done (2:30am) shopping and in line to check out and i looked up to see 3 police officers waiting for me. i have my pistol in my pant belt area i had no jacket. i have benn in this store a hundred times with no issue. The one officer asked...
  4. M

    Kohl's issue

    imported post Was in Kohl's yesterday with my wife and 2 year old child, i was on cart duty. I had my pistol openly on my belt as usual. After a while the mangager comes out of the breakroom and happens to glance and see my gun. I get the death look and he comes up to me and gets in my face...