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    no state constitutional right to keep and bear arms????

    http://opencarry.org/ny.html says that Art II. Sec 4 states a right to bear arms. Bill of Rights, Article II Section 4 A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed. is this wrong? i cannot find it...
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    network engineer positions in the north east

    If there's any interest in the below positions, message me. --Moderator Statement-- Not OC or RKBA related. --ADMINISTRATOR OVERRIDE-- Members are free to post real jobs in the Social Lounge so long as they are not spammy positions (work at home, MLM, etc) or are being paid to do so...
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    preparing for the next session

    now that the election is over, we need to start preparing and presenting to our state representatives our agenda for open carry. Since it's been awhile without any organization, We should get together soon to discuss who, how, and what we're going to bring to our reps. please feel free to give...
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    TV segment tonight on KDFW fox 4 news

    I'll be discussing gun rights at 9 PM central time myfoxdfw.com
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    Open Carry in Texas gaining momentum again

    imported post I just held a phone interview with Matt Thomas of KRLD 1080 AM, part of CBSradio news. Since Oklahoma is now attempting to repeal their open carry ban, Texas should be next in line if we start pursuing our news contacts and legislators. I will update this with news of when the...
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    Jeff Cason, candidate for district 92

    imported post From an email sent to Mr. Cason and his reply. Mr. Cason, my name is Duane Suddeth and I'm currently the vice chairman of the Texas Open Carry group. As a resident of district 92, I'd like to know your position on both the 2nd Amendment to the US Consitution as well as Art. 1 Sec...
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    Hurst mayor, richard ward, member of bloombergs group

    imported post anyone up here a citizen of hurst may want to ask the mayor why he's a member of 'mayors against illegal guns'. http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org/html/members/members.shtml#TX
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    DC appeals court upholds mandatory licensing

    imported post http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/09/10/taking_liberties/entry5299667.shtml An appeals court in Washington, D.C. has upheld the city's extremely restrictive law requiring residents to obtain licenses to carry handguns outside of their homes. The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling last...
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    long gun open carry in Texas after NM fed ruling

    imported post With the fed ruling out of the district court in NM and no law prohibiting open carry of a long gun in TX, I still have a question that maybe somebody can answer. It's been hinted at by a few that while long gun open carry is not against the law, there have been certain...
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    missing thread

    imported post can't seem to find it now.
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    This is sickening

    imported post http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20090720_Store_video_catches_cop_bullying_woman.html?viewAll=y There is zero excuse for this violent and deadly assault. Whats worse is that OTHER police officers would try to get this store clerk to erase the evidence of their criminal conduct...
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    Constitutional Amendment 28

    imported post Further limiting the power of congress to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes. Congress shall have the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations but limited to nothing more than import and export tariffs, so long...
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    open carry exposure

    imported post Maybe if we did a few of these, we'd find out just how gun friendly texas really is by either prohibiting open carry of long guns or decriminalizing handgun open carry.
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    Lubbock journal talks CCW on campus and opencarry.org

    imported post http://lubbockonline.com/stories/120808/loc_364957324.shtml If these above reps belong to anyone on the boards, lets start calling them.
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    TSRA concerns

    imported post I was sitting here reading another post about how TSRA must have had great reasoning not to support our effort and it got me wondering, could we see the TSRA backstabbing us with it's in the pocket legislators and getting open carry killed?
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    nbc 5 news dallas article

    imported post http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Push-for-Open-Carry-Gun-Law-Hits-Texas.html Since 1996, people who want to carry a gun in Texas have had to apply for a license and conceal it in public, but some said the rules are too strict for a state known for its love of arms. Now, there is...
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    dallas arms collector gun show

    imported post Well, arrived about 1 pm with a 150 fliers, sat at the table that my friends had gotten for their business and cleared up a corner for the fliers. Had alot of people walk by, I was just handing them out like candy. Had about 2 dozen people stop and actually ask what opencarry was...
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    open carry bad for texas

    imported post http://www.nbc5i.com/news/16717270/detail.html good god I hope I can get my article accepted rebutting this crap.
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    Murdock v. Commonwealth of PA overturned?

    imported post In Murdock, the USSC specifically stated that no state may charge a license, fee, or tax for a right protected by the US constitution, yet Scalia seems to be saying that a state can actually do that now. Is this correct?
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    Texas CW33 does open carry segment

    imported post http://cw33.trb.com/news/