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    Renaissance Firearms banned carry in store

    Perhaps this has already been brought to light, but looking over the past few pages of posts, I haven't see it mentioned. The last time I visited my (formerly) favorite gun-shop, Renaissance Firearms in Gonic, I noticed this sign: I don't recall having ever seen that there before, and I've...
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    KTP offically OC friendly

    Doesn't look like anyone else has posted this... As of 22 JUN 2010, the Kittery Trading Post is officially OC friendly. They released a letter stating that their store policy will now reflect state law. (I tried to post this earlier, but the forum was down)
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    Concealed, unloaded, without CCW Permit?

    imported post I live in NH, but work in Maine. Leaving my place of employment at night often requires walking alone, through dark, isolated areas (behind buildings and surrounded by brush and trees). I don't have a ME CCW permit, so open carry is my only choice. I want to carry while...
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    "Brandishing" while entering a vehicle?

    imported post Whether I'm carrying openly or concealed, I can't sit comfortably in my car with my handgun holstered. In the past, I've just taken my gun out of the holster, and placed it in the glove box. Before I get out of my car, I remove it from the glove box, and put it back in the...