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    how to fix walmart

    Wasn't trying to "push any perception" just adding my thoughts to the conversation. I don't like Walmart's official policy, but from what I can tell, it is not enforced. Here is Colorado, it is not a crime to violate store policy, but if asked to leave, you must do so.
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    Open Carry in Practice: Who's done it? | Vigilance Elite

    I have open carried regularly for many years here in Colorado. Not one negative word ever said to me. No "man with a gun" calls. This includes store, gas stations, church, restaurants...everywhere.
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    how to fix walmart

    I avoid Walmart whenever possible. I also open carry wherever it is legal to do so. Sometime I cannot practically avoid Walmart since their business model of killing the competition has been largely successful. That said, I have never been given a sideways glance when open carrying in Walmart...
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    Walmart and open carry

    [Why is so quiet in here?] Walmart has "respectfully requested" that customers do not open carry in Walmart. I still open carry everywhere I legally can and have not ever received so much as a sideways glance. Any other experiences out there? Particularly in Walmart stores recently.