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    Barrett Reloaded? A New Third Circuit Decision Could Prove The Perfect Base For A Second Amendment Blowout

    The Feds already make almost everything a felony, and Federal "crimes" that should be infractions (like speeding on the George Washington Memorial Parkway) are misdemeanors instead.
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    'cop killer' bills making it a federal crime to kill any law enforcement officer

    CA Pen. Code, § 32000, subd. (b)(4) permits non-roster handguns being sold to sold to, or purchased by, sworn members of: Department of Justice A police department A sheriff’s official A marshal’s office The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation The Department of the California Highway...
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    'cop killer' bills making it a federal crime to kill any law enforcement officer

    Let's ask cops in California, who may legally possess and purchase firearms not permitted to the average citizen by California law.
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    H4027 a terrible bill that must be opposed

    link Sponsored by Clovis Watson, it removes "no duty to retreat" and removes 776.013 from the "immune to prosecution" list.
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    Does owning real estate really make you eligible for an OR CHL?

    Ordinarily, a person who does not have their primary residence in OR or one of its surrounding states cannot obtain an OR CHL. However, I read something in OR law that appears to say that, for purposes of being eligible for a CHL, a person is considered a resident of an OR county if they own...
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    Pay scale of LEOs - does it effect performance

    Why did you include pay in that list? Where is total compensation for cops less than the median private sector compensation, once all benefits are considered? Usually, it's much more. Even if it were only equal to private sector, so what? Many more candidates than positions for cop jobs, which...
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    Unofficial: NM will be dropping reciprocity with AZ

    Arizona will be dropped as soon as they get around to looking the laws over and sending a letter to make it official. Arizona violates 3 rules of New Mexico statute 29-19-12E (reciprocity): AZ gives permits to legally resident aliens AZ doesn't require classroom training AZ doesn't require...
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    Dang, Arkansas' permit has great reciprocity

    3 or 4 more states than FL or UT. How'd you guys do it? If only you could convince your legislature to allow issuance of non-resident permits...
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    Is owning property really sufficient to get a CCW in Oregon?

    There's a section of the law that appears to say that, for purposes of getting a CCW, you're a resident of an (Oregon) county if you own property (statute doesn't say "residence") in that county. That would imply that even if you aren't a resident of Oregon or a state neighboring Oregon (the...
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    New Jersey Assembly aims to ban all handgun, some rifle ammo

    PrisonPlanet.com January 28, 2012 In an end-run around an all out gun ban, the New Jersey Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee is set to consider legislation that would ban ammunition under the auspices of protecting police. The language seemingly targets the already prohibited ‘armor...
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    Any chance of the carry reciprocity bill being reintroduced?

    Or will that just get scuttled again?
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    Why did Nevada stop honoring non-resident permits?

    That's somewhat of a trick question. Technically, it does honor non-resident permits. However, none of the few remaining states on Nevada's reciprocity list issue non-resident permits, except in very narrow circumstances not germane to the general public. It makes me wonder if the publicly...
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    Carrying handguns for transport to and from airports

    I've heard airports like LAX have been arresting people and confiscating handguns. Are those incidents of people who were visibly (and in my mind foolishly) carrying in the passenger compartment, or are the police preemptively searching cars that enter airport property and confiscating arms that...
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    Are "weaponized" flashlights legal to carry concealed in CA?

    Things like the Surefire E2DL. I know California has pretty strict rules about what constitutes an illegal weapon and what can be carried concealed, and that California's cops interpret these rules in an expansive and ruthlessly strict way. Since California will not honor my out of state...