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  1. J

    Misdemeanor Crime

    I have a friend who has a Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence charge against him and it happened over twenty years ago down in Warrensberg, Mo. Does anyone know if this would stop him from getting a ccw or maybe getting the charge dropped? He has no other charges on his record. Thanks....
  2. J

    K.C. Open Carry Meeting..

    What happened to our open carry meetings?
  3. J


    I think we need to pay them a visit!!! Denny’s restaurants, a diner chain famous for being open every hour of every day, earlier this month released a commercial titled “Greatness,” which asks what makes America great, only to answer with – among other things – the Second Amendment to the U.S...
  4. J

    U.S. Bank Independence, Mo

    Walked into a U.S. Bank today to cash a check my daughters gave me, "Gun on Hip" Lady sitting at a desk said Sir, do you have a weapon? I said I do, about 8 eyes were on me at that point. The guy behind the counter said may I help you with a smile and everybody went back to what they were doing...
  5. J

    State approves Open Carry Bill (Oklahoma)

    Law abiding citizens of Oklahoma who want to publicly carry a pistol on their hip or in a shoulder holster may do so under a bill overwhelmingly approved on Wednesday by the state House of Representatives. The bill, which passed 85 to 9, will now go to the Oklahoma state Senate, where...
  6. J


    I thought Cabela's was Open Carry friendly? I just found out it isn't in Kansas... Amanda B: When you get to the store there will be a station in the front for you to check in your gun as we do not allow open carry. James Hatfield: Ok,,I'll go somewhere else,,Thank you
  7. J

    Bank of America

    I just went to my bank and ccw while there(Bank of America) to get a new debit card and while there I ask the assistant manager what there weapons policy was. She said it was a Federal offense to carry a gun in a federally owned establishment. I said really, she said yes and theres a sign on the...
  8. J

    Golden Corral

    I just received this email in regards to one I sent to them: We apologize for any misunderstanding. We appreciate your feedback. Since your last visit we have taken down the signs and hopes this meets your approval. If I can be of any more service to you please let me know. We want your...
  9. J

    HyVee 23rd & Lee's Summit Rd

    Met a couple guys at Hyvee today and they were thanking me for open carrying. I gave them a card and told them we were having a picnic at the lake. I would also like to get a bumper sticker of some sort to put on my truck. Something in the neighborhood of the Open Carry T-shirt I have. We need...
  10. J

    K-Mart Independence

    Went shopping with the wife Friday night at K Mart (291 & 24 hiway) to buy a mower and while the wife was clothes shopping I noticed a tall man (6'2") and a short (5'6") man in about every aisle. When she was done we went to the other end of the store (There stands short man) and got a lawn...
  11. J

    Positive response from retired leo...

    While car shopping last night I stopped in Landmark Dodge in Independence. While browsing the cars a salesman came out and introduced himself. He said he noticed I was open carrying my weapon and said he was a retired Blue Springs police officer. He explained to me that he thought as long as it...
  12. J

    We made it to California

    I have deleted that message.
  13. J

    To Mark Alford Fox 4 news

    Jim: Mark, I would like to invite you to our open carry meeting this Sat at 4:00 p.m. at 302 Nichol's Rd on the plaza. It just a group of guys who believe in the 2nd amendment and we would love to have you come meet with us. Thanks, James Mark Alford: What business is that? I still want to do...
  14. J

    Kansas City Star Plaza

    Ok guys I was afraid of this. I got an email today from the reporter after I ask him if he was still on and this was his reply: Question, Are you still on for this Saturday? Thanks, James Sorry I now have to do a post election thing. Still want to do a story. Will get back with you asap...
  15. J

    Kansas City Star Nov 6th 4:00 P.M.

    Starbucks coffee 302 Nichols Rd, Kansas City, Mo 64112 Nov 6th 4:00 p.m. Bring the wife, bring the girlfriend. Bring the wife and the girlfriend we don't care.
  16. J

    The Kansas City Star

    I have been contacted by a reporter from the K.C Star that wants to attend one of our meetings. He wants to know when and where? We need to have a nice group attend and a nice place to meet at. I never expected the guy to accept my invitation so help me out guys. James
  17. J

    Showdown looms for Raymore gun law.

    By DONALD BRADLEY The Kansas City Star, I invited Donald to one of our many meetings here in Independence.
  18. J

    Ryan's Restaurant

    Went back to Ryans's restaurant with the wife today open carrying and it was packed. I don't think anybody even looked up. They just don't care there. It should be like this everywhere.
  19. J

    Richard's Sunfresh

    Opened carried at Sunfresh in Independence this morning. Wasn't alot of people there but there were alot of employee's. Got no response what so ever.
  20. J

    Open Carry Ryan's

    I open carried today in Ryan's restaurant on 23rd in Independence. Walked right past the manager twice and he never said a word. Two Independence crime scene investagators came in and set beside me and the wife. Never said a word although they did take a good look at my weapon. Waitress's could...