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  1. 1Grizzly1

    Is this standard?

    A friend of mine was getting ready to go hunting. He stopped at a Menards to get some supplies. Apparently someone saw his pistol in his door pouch and called the police. They showed up and asked for his permit and ran him for warrants. He was free to go after that. Is that SOP for police in the...
  2. 1Grizzly1

    How OC should go.

    I went to Maverik on Antelope in Clearfield for a soda the other day. I was OCing and noticed there was a young Clearfield PD officer in there getting a soda as well. I walked by and he gave me a friendly "Hi". I said "Hello". I grabbed my drink and got in line to pay and he stood in line behind...
  3. 1Grizzly1

    Defense of habitation laws

    imported post Can someone help me with Ca's defense of habitation laws? I am a truck driver and occasionally travel to Ca. I have my firearm stored in a locked case but can't find the definition of what counts as your habitat. Would the sleeper berth of my truck count as that when I am stopped...
  4. 1Grizzly1

    Contact with off duty LEO

    imported post Had a great encounter with an off duty LEO this morning at the Circle K behind the TTT truck stop in Tucson. I was open carrying and walked in to get coffee. He checked me out for a minute then asked what dept. I worked for. I told him none then he asked about my gun. We talked...