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  1. GuidoZ

    Hollywood vs Reality: Officer Involved Shootings

    Hollywood vs Reality: Officer Involved Shootings (Video) Would love to see a discussion on this. :) -- Peace. ~G
  2. GuidoZ

    "Judge Rules That Advocating Jury Nullification Is Not a Crime"

    Posted April 20, 2012 - http://reason.com/blog/2012/04/20/judge-rules-that-advocating-jury-nullifi And yes, the story actually misspelled the first word. Still a good read. :cool: -- Peace. ~G
  3. GuidoZ

    "Gun Violence and Gun Laws--Stand Your Ground?" LEO discussion at Anacortes Library

    "Gun Violence and Gun Laws--Stand Your Ground?" LEO discussion at Anacortes Library "Stand Your Ground" discussion at Anacortes Library (1220 Tenth Street 98221) on Tues, 4-17-12 at 7pm. Speaking is Skagit County Sheriff and Anacortes Police Chief. There will be a moderated Q&A to follow. I'll...
  4. GuidoZ

    Beaten and robbed on own car, police called but never came - Chicago

    Person in Chicago called the police after witnessing someone getting beaten and robbed on their own vehicle. The Police never came. Picture and comments (Reddit) The comments are very interesting and turn to gun rights pretty quickly. Being Reddit, the comments can move around as people...
  5. GuidoZ

    Skagit County OC Report

    OC'd for the first time in Sedro-Woolley today. Went for a 3 mile walk through town and residential area with no issues at all. (Walk even took me right by the police/fire station.) Was greeted friendly by a few passerby's, including someone else with their chldren, though I did get a head turn...
  6. GuidoZ

    Iwb oc

    I 2nd that one. I was wearing it just today - surprisingly comfortable and allows complete concealment if you so desire. You can tuck your shirt in between the clips and everything else, so all that is showing is the clips. (See pics below.) Both the CrossBreed and the Comp-Tac work great, and...