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  1. XD-GEM

    Anti OC NOPD Commander facing intense scrutiny

    8th District commander Ed Hosli is under the microscope for possible illegal contracts with the city to monitor traffic cameras and also for holding more than one Homestead Exemption. He's also accused of cooking the books on crime stats. This is the guy who gave OCDO member estrch a great...
  2. XD-GEM

    NOPD to increase use of "Terry Stops"

    The Times Picayune reports that the ACLU is upset with the way NOPD uses data it gathers during Terry Stops - especially of data from non-arrested people and from questionable stops. It seems the average folks may be in for a taste of what we OCers have been getting for some time...
  3. XD-GEM

    Gordon Hutchinson Article Mentions OC

    Full article: http://www.louisianasportsman.com/details.php?id=2336 Pertinent quote: Gordon Hutchinson is a fairly well-known writer on guns, CC, and hunting. He is a certified CHP instructor and gives classes at Bass-Pro in Denham Springs. He wrote a terriffic book called "The Great New...
  4. XD-GEM

    Not Quite "Are you a Cop?"

    imported post Most of us who OC have occasionally gotten the "Are you a cop?" question. Recently, however, I've noticed a disturbing trend. Instead of that question, people have been saying "Don't shoot me, officer!" I've gotten it several times in the past few weeks, and it disturbs me. Thus...
  5. XD-GEM

    Info Sought on New Orleans Police Chief Candidates

    imported post The selection committee for the new Superintendent of Police in New Orleans has announced the final 6 candidates. If anyone knows anything positive or negative about any of them, please put it up here. We here in New Orleans would especially like to know their positions/records...
  6. XD-GEM

    A Good OC Story - Got a Recent One?

    imported post A few days ago, I went to the Supercuts on Barataria in Marrero for a haircut. I go there about once a month or so, and the women who work there are all quite comfortable with me OCing in the shop. I lucked out on arrival and found no one waiting, so I went right into the chair. A...
  7. XD-GEM

    Mose site troubles?

    imported post Is anyone else having trouble with the site? I find it EXTREMELY slow both at home and at work. I'm not having the same problems on other sites.
  8. XD-GEM

    Cam and Cmpany Mention

    imported post On the 6/5/09 edition of "Cam and Company" at NRA News, Cam Edwards' guest, Tom Gresham, in talking about the kind of activism needed by gun owners, told the tale related by Mark Marchiafava in...
  9. XD-GEM

    Anniversary 6/4

    imported post I just realized that today is my one-year anniversary as a member of this board. It is also the 20th anniversary of the Tienanmen Massacre in Beijing. It gives one pause. Thank God for our liberties; and with His help , may we continue to keep them.
  10. XD-GEM

    Cabella's Gun Policy

    imported post http://forum.pafoa.org/open-carry-144/56284-cabelas-gun-policy-print-out.html Interesting, if true.
  11. XD-GEM

    Louisiana Gun Ban Proposed

    imported post HB 44 by Reps Lafonta, Hardy, and Stiaes appears to be a response to the Mardi Gras shootings in New Orleans, but goes way beyond the scope of those crimes. In a nutshell, it would ban the possession of guns by anyone other than LEO within 1000 feet of any public place where...
  12. XD-GEM

    going to Diamondhead; MS Law Question

    imported post A relative of mine is going to be performing at Lawler's Bistro in Diamondhead in a few weeks. I haven't seen him in awhile and want to go (in spite of the required 2 drink minimum). What are the MS laws regarding carry at such a place, or can you post a link to look them up...
  13. XD-GEM

    Not Helping Our Cause

    imported post From the TimesPicayune: http://www.nola.com/timespic/stories/index.ssf?/base/news-11/1227083494157010.xml&coll=1 If this is all there is to the story, a good lawyermight be able to get this guy's case tossed. State v. Fluker and State v. Ferrand together say that OC is legal and...
  14. XD-GEM

    Has the NOPD Learned its Lesson?

    imported post Some of you may remember my incident with the NOPD following hurricane Gustave. http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum65/15659-1.html I have been told by some friends on the NOPD that I may never get a reply to my letter to Supt. Riley, as they believe it is not in his nature to...
  15. XD-GEM

    Guard says It's Illegal to Carry a Digital Voice Recorder at OMV

    imported post Today I had to bring my mother-in-law to the Office of Motor Vehicles to straighten out a problem with her registration. We went to the Harvey Office on the Westbank Expressway. Now, I knew they prohibit weapons there (in the past, they tried to confiscate my Swiss Army knife) so...
  16. XD-GEM

    Send a link of this video to every Obama supporter you know

    imported post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxhYampIl7A
  17. XD-GEM

    La. Supreme Court Decisions

    imported post I've seen 2 listed on one board or another that apply to open carry. The first is State vs. Fluker which I've found cited in an AG's opinion (this is the one confirming that open carry is legal in La.). The second has been described as State vs Ferrand S.O.2d 396, and purports to...
  18. XD-GEM

    SB 51 is being hijacked

    imported post This is the bill that would ensure your right to have a gun locked in your car on your employer's parking lot. Multiple ammendments were proposed on this in the Louisiana House, sending it back to a committee for review. Most of these amendments are really bad and must be...