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  1. CalicoJack10

    And the downword spiral begins....

    I have been watching with a serious amount of interest, and without saying a word, to the firearms community over the past few months. I have been paying close attention though I have remained silent. I will tell you one thing for sure, things have changed. It seems that this was all started to...
  2. CalicoJack10

    Instructors Run Rampant In Wisconsin!!!

    For starters, I have gotten several certificates back in the mail from courses I have offered to people on here, If you have taken one of my courses and have not gotten your cirtificate, PM me your full name and correct address and I wil get them out this week! Now, on to the heart of the...
  3. CalicoJack10

    Pickin a Fight about Training!

    OK, so that we do not keep stepping on other threads, I am posting this one. I think the point was well made that we need to take this discussion from other threads and put it all on one. Then we can rant about this issue all we want without stepping on other people's threads. The hope is that...
  4. CalicoJack10

    SB93 As it sits on Walker's desk?

    I am wondering if anyone out there knows the link to the amended version of SB93 with the training provisions and all of that. Basically the bill as it sits on Walker's desk. I had a good friend that is looking to start something great for WCI members. And before I can get it worked out I need...
  5. CalicoJack10

    Get ready to pay more Wisconsin!

    I was in Appleton yesterday. While I was there I stopped at the man store to pick up some fishing stuff. But me being me, I had to walk over and take a look at the guns and equipment. I saw that they were re-pricing their guns, as well as putting out a new line of holsters. Most of the items...
  6. CalicoJack10

    Tuck it back, or stand up for your freedoms!

    OK, there is a lot of talk out there about this new bill passing, and most of it is based on the idea that we have gotten what we started fighting for in the first place. Time For A Reality Check! Chant and cheer all you want, but this is not Constitutional Carry with an "Optional Permit...
  7. CalicoJack10

    Upcoming Calico Jack Course July 9th and 10th

    Offer canceled due to lack of ability for many to get here!
  8. CalicoJack10

    Caywood Memorial Range, Northern Highlands State Forrest.

    So I have to post this up here, just because of what it says about the difference in people around the state of Wisconsin. I was at the range 2 days ago having fun with a buddy of mine, and his two sons. While we were there having a good time I was standing there watching one of the boys and my...
  9. CalicoJack10

    Thanks OCDO members from Wisconsin!

    I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks to the OCDO members that have made mention of what I am trying to accomplish. Like the ability to teach for free. I have gotten a ton of responses from many of the representatives as well as senators, media, and Wisconsin Citizens. It is my hope that...
  10. CalicoJack10

    Taking forever in Wisconsin!

    I don't know about the rest of you but there is a part of me that is holding my breath waiting for SB93 to pass. I know it has been a long time coming, and i know that we are in line to actually make it happen this time, but the days until it passes are getting longer and longer. I am really...
  11. CalicoJack10

    Gander Mountain Wausau Posted!

    I saw this and I just had to put it up. Mainly because it put a smile on my face.
  12. CalicoJack10

    SB-93 Update This Morning

    I got an update from the legislature this morning about SB-93. I noticed that it has been ammended to remove the use of "Electronic Weapons". So witht his revision we have the ability to kill a significantly more deadly form of self defense, but we are still not allowed to use Less Lethal means...
  13. CalicoJack10

    Troubled Walkers In Wisconsin!

    I don't know if this article is true or not, but it seems to be a little too mainline to be totally untrue. http://www.ammoland.com/2011/05/12/guess-who-is-blocking-constitutional-carry-in-wisconsin/ Take a look, I have sent out e-mails and will be calling on this if I do not have a response...
  14. CalicoJack10

    Walker Will Not Support Constitutional Carry!!!!

    I was watching a video clip and I just about missed the bit at the end that says Governor Walker says he will not support constitutional Carry. http://www.nbc15.com/video/?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=5844937&flvUri&partnerclipid "Governor Walker said yesterday that he supports...
  15. CalicoJack10

    Money Grubbin Bast@r&$!!!!!

    Soooooo..................... As I came home from lunch with 1FastC4 at Bad Bones BBQ, I decided that I was going to stop and check out the local bait shop that was advertised as sponsoring a CCW course. This was something that got my attention during the open carry meet and eat last weekend...
  16. CalicoJack10

    To the Mailbox!

    SO,I have talked to may people about my open carry practices around my home. Mainly because of the fact that I have found sex offenders sitting down near the mailboxes. Phred has even used his GPS to help me find out exactly how far I am from the local school zone to make sure that I was outside...
  17. CalicoJack10

    Where's the rest of my gun?

    So I have a girlfriend who reminds me all the time that the first thing I ever said to her was "You remind me of my x-wife". Now two years later she has gone from not even wanting to see a gun, to being angry because I tore hers apart so I could try my new AR buffer. :::::Flashback::::: I...
  18. CalicoJack10

    Inspired by WCI members!

    After this last weekend, I had to get a few things done, but we came up with some great ideas for T-shirts. So I got together an online store where you can go look them up and see what you think. Pocket Book permitting, I will have some of these available at future events. But I do not yet...
  19. CalicoJack10

    Part Legislation, Part Fun Shoot, Part Letters from politicians.

    So this weekend was filled with firearms for me. And much of it had to do with all of my fellow proponents here in good ol' Wisconsin. So to save me from having to post over and over and over, I am putting it all in this same thread. For starters, here are some pictures...
  20. CalicoJack10

    Dead Robber, Unloaded gun

    This was shared by someone on facebook, and I found it appropriate to share it here. http://www.ketv.com/r/23309461/detail.html First it was turned into a racial issue, then the boy's mother said this "I slept well last night and the night before for the first time, and it really felt good...