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    Felon shot by police in Children's Hospital Nov. 14

    After Milwaukee Police received a tip that there was a man with a gun visiting someone at Milwaukee Children's Hospital, they shot and injured Ashanti Len Hendricks after he attempted to escape after being arrested, and showed possession of a Glock .40 S&W semi-automatic pistol. ... Continued
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    DOJ Permanent Rules for CCL effective June 1, 2013

    DOJ Permanent Rules for CCL license effective June 1, 2013 The info is in the next post
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    Details of attack on MIT officer. Who knows?

    My understanding is that MIT police officer Sean Collier was found in his squad car with multiple gunshot wounds and unfortunately was subsequently pronounced dead at the hospital. Are any more facts available? Was he carrying a firearm? Able to return fire? Wearing a protective vest...
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    Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act. Full Text

    Sen. Pat Toomey has posted on his web page, April 11, 2013, the full text of The Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act. This is a substitute amendment to S. 469 Here is the link to that web page: http://www.toomey.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=968...
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    Houston TX Run, Fight, Hide video

    Houston TX Run. Hide. Fight. video Here is a 6 minute video, about Surviving an Active Shooter Event, produced by the City of Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security. It's production was completed 2 weeks before the Aurora Colorado movie theater attack, and released the end of...
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    Romney and Ryan support for gun rights

    I am posting this just to help those who are interested in getting some information on how the Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, support and exercise gun rights. This is from the National Shooting Sports Foundation website...
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    11ACT168 drops 29.089 firearm restrictions on state park land Jan. 1, 2013

    Enjoy the ad, then read the next post.
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    Hearings in July, 2012 on Permanent Concealed Carry Rules

    We should put our heads together and decide what, if anything we want changed about the permanent administrative rules (JUS 17 & JUS 18), that implement some of the statutes changed/created by WI 11 ACT35 (Concealed Carry/ Personal Protection Act). There is info about this on the LEGISLATIVE...
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    TV Story on Insurance, Liability & Risk for Self-Defense shooters

    It is probably a measure of acceptance of gun ownership, when the 10pm news May 3rd & 4th, 2012, on the Milwaukee CBS 58 TV affiliate, mentions the 100,000 CC licenses issued and has a 2 part story featuring interviews with some insurance people, attorneys and others about the possible need for...
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    Aldi Robbery in Milwaukee stopped by armed citizen

    Aldi Robbery in Milwaukee stopped by armed citizen Nazir al Mujaahid 7:00 pm Monday Jan. 30, 2012 an attempted armed robbery at an Aldi's grocery store near 76th and Villard in the City of Milwaukee, was stopped by an armed citizen. The shotgun carrying robber may have received gunshot...
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    11ab190 relating to: felony of CCW if prohibited from possessing, Straw purchase

    http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2011/proposals/AB190 An Act to amend 939.632 (1) (e) 3. and 941.23 (2) (intro.); and to create 939.6185, 941.23 (2d) and 941.2905 of the statutes; relating to: carrying a concealed weapon if prohibited from possessing a firearm, purchasing a firearm for a person...
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    Milwaukee WTMJ wrong on GFSZ laws

    At noon today, Milwaukee TV station WTMJ-4 had an attorney on talking about the Nov. 1, 2011 effective Concealed Carry law. http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/132405918.html Mostly correct, but the statement: is not correct about Gun Free School Zones GFSZ in Wisconsin starting Nov. 1...