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  1. moonie

    New to my collection

  2. moonie

    R.I.A 1911 45 Commander 4in barrell

    Looks almost exactly like mine, got it second hand but barely used for $340 a couple of months ago. I did change the trigger out.:
  3. moonie

    What do you carry?

  4. moonie

    Advertising support anti second amendment?

    I was recently made aware that the forum gets financial support from google ads. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Google very anti second amendment, and the rules governing sites that use google ads prevented from having sale or trade of firearms and ammunition? This seems rather duplicitous...
  5. moonie

    No park carry in High Point

  6. moonie


    I'm coming to TN on vacation on memorial day. I live in NC and have applied for my concealed permit however the end of the 45 day wait period is the Friday we are planning on leaving. Knowing my county Sheriff it will NOT be ready in time for me to take with me. From the reading I've been doing...
  7. moonie

    Boy now that was interesting

    Fourth floor of a building in Winston-Salem, rocking and rolling about 10 minutes ago. 5.8 Earthquake in VA...