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  1. VW_Factor

    Why is Georgia ok with suspicion-less traffic stops?

    A short while ago, my wife and I "fell victim" to the GSP and their suspicion-less traffic road block. Being someone who recently moved to the area and I'm not completely well versed in GA law at this point, I protested a bit, was pulled aside and outside the vehicle. Was asked a few...
  2. VW_Factor

    Wife and I settled in Georgia

    Are there any length of time for residency requires here in GA? Should have the DL's here in a couple weeks, afterwards how long do we have to wait to get into the courthouse and apply for the "firearms licence"?
  3. VW_Factor

    Seeing as how OC "isn't" clearly legal here...

    My usual mode of carry in warm weather is with just a white T-shirt that doesn't quite totally cover my sidearm. That going to get me in trouble around here during our visit?
  4. VW_Factor

    Headed to Grand Canyon today.

    Anything I should be aware of for carry around the Grand Canyon? I know here in AZ, I can conceal without a permission slip and plan too, my wife isn't comfortable with me OC'ing while on vacation in unfamiliar areas where we don't know how law enforcement acts.
  5. VW_Factor

    Always busy, but met a new guy.

    Today in my place of business here in Woodburn, I ran across a gentleman who I noticed was OC'ing in a drop leg rig. He's younger lookin (probably like myself) and I didn't want to make him nervous. Simply asked. "Whatcha carryin thar?" 1911 he answers. I asked him if he was a member of...
  6. VW_Factor

    Have some time off in January

    My wife and I have been making more trips into Washington lately for company business. We would like to apply for a Washington CHL, as Oregon residents. Is this possible and what advise does anyone have?
  7. VW_Factor

    "Willed" firearms from CA

    I am hoping that the lawful minds in this forum may be able to help point me to the relevant parts of CA law for this. My father passed away this last year, and owned quite a few firearms. Much of my fathers side of the family really has zero interest in these guns, however I do know that they...
  8. VW_Factor

    PDX area meet up? (beginning of May)

    I think it may be about that time to have another small gathering. A bite to eat perhaps or just coffee somewhere? Starbucks in Oregon City was our last meet up location for the area. Any other places anyone would like to visit? Beginning of May sometime, either weekday afternoon or weekend?
  9. VW_Factor

    Dashcam Traffic Stop (talking with LEO related)

    I'm going to post this, simply because its a decent example of keeping your mouth shut. Its not so much related to OC (although my two passengers were as well carrying and myself OC), as it never did come up. He didn't get CHL status until he ran information AFTER he had rolled us anyway. He...
  10. VW_Factor

    FFS!!!! ICOP MMS digital file conversion.. Dashcam video.

    So, won my traffic case today. Like to "youtube" up the dashcam video from the Newport Police Dept. They use the ICOP Video Media Management System. Has all sorts of meta data on an encrypted file format. Anyway. Like to take cam1 video and lapel audio out and .avi or .wmv that ****...
  11. VW_Factor

    Help finding a webpage or thread, etc.

    I remember reading something about some truck driver who went into court to defend himself for something. Somewhere in this webpage there was something along the lines of no government entity can make a licence and charge money for it. (In this case, practicing law). Anyone know what I'm...
  12. VW_Factor

    So, court date @ Newport Municipal

    I figured I would have to call ahead of time. See if their building had a provision for carriers to check in/secure their weapon. The admin lady Kathy told me that she had never been asked that question before and that she was unsure of the answer. You'll have to ask the NPD, as they are in...
  13. VW_Factor

    What does this remind you of?

  14. VW_Factor

    Advice on making a FOIA request?

    I used to live in Newport Oregon when I was a "teen". I came to find out over time, that their PD agency lacked honesty and integrity. This weekend I was visiting the coast, and was pulled over. I figured I would see the officers attitude as to how I would handle the stop. I didn't have high...
  15. VW_Factor

    Delayed from OSP background check.

    So my buddy got a "delay" from OSP. I remember that Fed Law shows that if there isn't a "no" answer within 3 days time, the FFL can legally transfer the firearm to the owner. What is it that stops FFLs here in Oregon from following the federal law? Is there an ORS somewhere that prohibits...
  16. VW_Factor

    Really Wells Fargo?

    I cannot even really believe the attitude of these people. My company switched from B of A to Wells Fargo around October of last year, and since that time, we've had nothing but problems with our local branch here in Woodburn (Eastside). Can't make change properly, and/or miss putting in $600...
  17. VW_Factor

    Why hasn't he been crushed?!

    I found this lulzy. Had to share. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/28/jon-stewart-rips-rick-san_n_1306320.html
  18. VW_Factor

    How many of you/us unholster when...

    Getting into your vehicle? Do you unholster your weapon and put it elsewhere in your vehicle either in a holster attached in the vehicle or a cubby or container?
  19. VW_Factor

    TSA Training hot dog vendors?!

    http://www.infowars.com/tsa-trains-super-bowl-hot-dog-sellers-to-spot-terrorists/ Yeah, how long do you think its going to take before sheeple start recognizing the TSA as actual law enforcement? :banghead:
  20. VW_Factor

    Starbucks Valentines Day meet?

    Anyone in Oregon planning to attend their local Starbucks on this day to help against the Anti's boycott?